Part Number:SAD-AERO
The Aero Hunter Evolution allows a hunter to suspend safely from a tree strap on the trunk, wearing a super lightweight and comfortable rope bridge tree saddle ideal for long hours aloft.

The system is designed for versatile positioning. From one tie-in point, the hunter can move up or down, side to side, and control distance from the trunk for stability and maneuvering. The saddle design is light, strong and comfortable. It is lightly equipped with gear loops and tool slots on the belt for handy access to your gear. There are small snap hooks and D rings for attaching accessory bags within easy reach. It’s all low key and quiet.

Aero is surprisingly lightweight and compressible. The sling seat is contoured to the shape of your backside, so you can sit in it for hours in comfort. The leg straps are improved with foam padding for your thighs. The whole saddle is adjustable—the belt, sling and leg straps are independently adjustable so you can customize the settings to balance your weight for a great fit.

The bridge on the Aero saddle is a 7 ft length of Yale Bandit 24 strand 7/16” diameter climbing line, attached to the saddle with SMC aluminum rigging plates. On the right side, a Blake's Hitch friction knot allows you to adjust the length of the bridge on the fly, with one hand.

Along with the saddle, the Aero Hunter Evolution includes a lineman's belt, tree strap, and two carabiners. And, for safe and adjustable attachment to the ropes, there are three climbing hitches tied in 9mm accessory cord. The whole rig packs into its own gear bag that doubles as a utility bag in the tree.

Size 1 (waist 26" to 37")
Size 2 (waist 38" to 46")

ABOUT TREE STRAP LENGTH: The Aero tree strap rope comes in a standard length of 6 feet, with all knots tied. 
It's important to set the tree strap on the trunk so that it does not slip. You can keep it from slipping by 1)wrapping the rope twice around the trunk, or 2)passing the carabiner end of the rope twice through the loop.
--Choose the standard 6 ft Tree Strap if you want to carry the minimum useful length, and your hunting trees are 16" diameter or less.
--If your hunting trees have a diameter greater than 16", go for the longer strap.

  • New Tribe Aero Hunter tree climbing saddle made specifically for fall prevention while tree hunting, rated 5000 lbs
  • Yale Bandit 24 strand 7/16” diameter climbing line, tensile strength 5,600 lbs
  • Tree strap made of Bandit climbing rope for adjustable tree anchor
  • Two connecting carabiners SMC Kinetic Twist Double Auto Lock strength 6000 lbs
  • Lineman’s belt made of Bandit climbing rope, with protective rope sleeve
  • 9mm accessory cord climbing hitches for secure and adjustable connection to the ropes
  • Small carry bag that holds everything

  • Prevents a fall when set up and used as directed
  • You face the trunk, hiding your presence and controlling your position with your feet
  • You can smoothly and silently move around the trunk to shoot in any direction 
  • You can shoot directly below you
  • Comfort and safety while you wait
  • Quiet, low visibility, lightweight
  • Compact, folds into its small carry bag, or you can hike in wearing it
  • Carry bag doubles as gear bag while you are aloft
  • You can add optional accessory bags that attach to belt

Weighs under 5 lbs


Select a Size
Size 1 (Waist: 26-37)
Size 2 (Waist: 38-46)
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5 Stars
Quality American Made
I looked into the aero hunter for a long time and decided to go for it. This saddle is the highest quality American made hunting saddle I have seen. It is light and comfortable once adjusted to fit you. The buckle has been updated along with the ropes and are even better than advertised. Bartlett offers the best price I have seen and ships very quickly. Get one !
Reviewed by:  from CT. on 2/16/2017
5 Stars
So far, so good
Read about the saddle on a few forums and I buy into the concept of hunting from a saddle over a traditional style stand. Been in it twice and after a few adjustments, feels like it's going to be plenty comfortable to fit my style of bow hunting. New Tribe has this thing put together very well. It exudes quality in materials and workmanship. This was my first purchase from Bartlett and I can say without a doubt I'll be back. Excellent customer service, response by phone and email, and they handled a glitch on their site around the Black Friday Sale with ease.
Reviewed by:  from PA. on 12/12/2015


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