Aluminum Connectors

Part Number:PC-123
When you order a combination set, you get a middle and bottom extension pole with 2 interchangeable heads. With just one product number, you get a complete professional tree pruning set. When you snap the extension poles together, it makes for a 10.5’, 14.5’, or 18.5’ pruner or pole saw. Each set includes the following:• (1) 30” quick-change pole pruner head section with rope• (1) 30” quick-change pole saw head section with saw blade• (1) round bottom pole section with sleeve (4’, 6’, or 8’)• (1) round middle pole section with sleeve and ferrule (4’, 6’, or 8’)

4 foot combo set extends to 10 feet
6 foot combo set extends to 14 feet
8 foot combo set extends to 18 feet


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4 Foot - Price $157.45
6 Foot - Price $161.75
8 Foot - Price $166.75
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1 Stars
Horrible Quality Control
I ordered this 4-Pc Combo Set and received nothing short of disappointment. The actual saw and pruning blade were of great quality (Kudos to Fred Marvin for the pruner head!) but the rest was a disaster. I had difficulty attaching one pole to anything in the order and I found out that the wood dowel they use as a structural filler in the fiberglass pole was not set properly and stuck out at least 1/4" preventing ANY attachment from fastening. The pole was useless. I then inspected the other parts and found zero consistency between assemblies. The saw blade attachment had the wood center pushed so far up that the rivet used to clamp it together was visible AND BENT inside the tube. It did not even come close to the wood core. Another extension pole had the wood center pushed so far in that it was within 1/2" of where the rivet secured it in place (as opposed to being almost 2" away in a normal setting. Looking even more into this, the female side of the fittings were all different in the finishes that they received. Some were chamfered, some were squared off, some had a combination of both, and one had an internal bevel on it. No standards at all. Also noted were that the stickers for the company were also at different distances from the couplings. Another big issue is that the holes drilled for the locking mechanism were drilled at different distances from the end of the coupling, by as much as 3/32". This may not seem like much, but it could contribute to the inability to connect 2 poles together. I did receive a call from Bartlett about my initial issue, and they really wanted me to fix everything and offer a future discount from them. I am honestly thinking about asking for a discount from Harbor Freight so I can buy higher quality items in the future.
Reviewed by:  from Fallbrook, CA. on 1/22/2016
5 Stars
Great deal!!
Got it about a month ago and it's great! I got the 2 four foot combo and love it! The Marvin pruner head works great as well as the pole saw/hanger puller/wire raising tool. Very good deal for the $$$ and poles 6' and shorter are free shipping because the order is over $150. Can't beat it!!!
Reviewed by:  from Fort Loudon PA. on 12/22/2015


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