Cell Phones & Work

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 7/15/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear

cell phones at work

As long as I can remember there have always been cell phones at the jobs I’ve worked. With the rise in popularity of the cell phone, now smart phone, comes an ability to have any bit of information at your finger tips but there also comes the ability to lose track of the task at hand.

One of the seasoned guys I work with, told me about a time when he would kiss his wife goodbye in the morning and wouldn’t talk to her until he got home that night. If his son stubbed his toe or spilled milk he didn’t know about it until he got home that night. That’s a nice thought sometimes. So many times we are bombarded by all kinds of distractions that don’t need to be on the job site.

If your significant other calls you during a hazardous storm job to complain about you not taking out the trash, it’s sure to make you think about that more than the task at hand. On the other hand if there were a major accident at the same job, it would be paramount to have that same exact phone on the job site.

Personally I feel that smart phones should not be used during the work day but should be in the rescue kit. By including them in the rescue kit, each person on the job knows where it is located and how to use it. By storing it with your pre-job briefing, everyone on the crew can easily have all the information of that job right at their fingertips. Work smart and stay safe!

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