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Posted by Administrator on 2/6/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear
Do you ever have the sensation of shards of glass being hammered into your fingertips while working in the cold? More than likely, first thing in the day when your hands are first starting to really take in all the cold air. Did you know that this is called the “Hot Aches?” It’s caused by the circulation of blood slowing in your fingers. Once the circulation starts to speed up again the onset of the pain starts up as well.

Ironclad Climbing GlovesThe reason for this is deep within our bodies and our mind. Our bodies are designed to protect the most vital organs at the expense of the extremities. Have you ever heard of someone getting frostbite on their liver? No! This is because our bodies would let us lose our ears, toes, fingers, and nose before it let our major organs shut down for the long haul.

One way to keep your hands warm and keep the “Hot Aches” away is with the use of warm and dry gloves. Many gloves are waterproof and insulated which helps maintain a comfortable hand while working. One other thing to look for is a breathable glove. Gloves that keep your hands warm are fine but if your hand is sweating while in the glove you are almost guaranteed to have cold hands later in the day. As the TV survivalist Les Stroud always says, “if you sweat, you die!”

Ironclad has Cold Condition gloves that keep your hands toasty warm. Their waterproof gloves also offer decent protection against the cold and work best on warmer days when you will be dealing with wet snow that will soak you to the bone.

Keeping your hands dry and maintaining blood flow is the best way to keep your hands warm. Switching out different pairs of gloves on the heater will also help throughout the day. Warm hands can get a lot more done than fingers that hurt too much to grab the saw!

Ironclad Climbing Gloves


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