Climbing The Giant Sequoia Trees In California | Part 1: #SaveTheTrees

Posted by Arborist / Tree Climber on 7/14/2016 to Climbing News

We were hours into our cross-country drive, on our way to climb the giant sequoia trees in California, for our #savethetrees mission when someone in the front of the van yelled! We were all pretty surprised to find that someone had been following us.

It turns out that Dane and Jenna were moving to California and were headed that way when they pulled up behind us. Our van caught their attention as they were driving and when they saw the website and our hashtag, #savethetrees, they decided to looked it up and thought what we were doing was pretty awesome. They decided to make a sign that said “We’re on our way to Cali too!” to get our attention and then they pulled up next to us. So Team Bartlett did what anyone would do... we pulled over!!

Here is the video:

We thought it was pretty cool that we were able to have such an effect on people by doing our part to save the trees. Saving these gigantic trees, that have been around for thousands of years and stand watch over an entire mountaintop, has been an incredible experience. Getting involved with a big project like this has taken us to Northern and Southern California and has allowed us to meet people from around the world who are just as passionate about the trees as we are. We've been able to meet celebrities, a pro surfer, awesome tree climbers, oh and a knight... seriously!

As a team, we ended up climbing 6 giant trees in total. 4 Giant Sequoias and 2 Coast Redwoods. We climbed the world’s 4th and 5th largest trees by volume (the Waterfall Tree and the Stagg Tree) as well as some un-climbed monsters that were pushing close to 300 feet in height and massive at the base.

The Coast Redwoods weren’t quite as large but they soared towards the sky like skyscrapers. We took cuttings from each of the trees and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is temporarily housing them at their facility. Archangel will take care of these cuttings and spread them to the proper places around the world.

Climb Giant Sequoias Team Bartlett

If you haven't made a trip like this yet, we recommend going to see these magnificent trees! Make it a family trip and take the children along as well. There is nothing like sitting underneath a tree that has provided shade and shelter to living things for 2,000+ years.

Let's all make it a point to do whatever we can to take care of the trees!

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