Cutting Edge Climbing Systems

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 11/24/2014 to Tree Climbing Gear
Cutting Edge Climbing Systems
Tree climbing nowadays is more innovative and cutting edge than ever before. With all the new climbing equipment and gear, us here at Bartlett Arborist Supply try to stay on top of all the new techniques and the happenings of the industry. So with that lets talk about new climbing systems!

Many people have heard of climbing SRT I’m sure, but how many have delved into full on SRT climbing? As it started out most climbers only used SRT to ascend into the tree and then switch over to a more traditional double rope system. This works very well for tall ascents but the efficiency stops there. The double rope climbing system is unfortunately a cumbersome beast that can add tons of friction to your day diminishing your efficiency. 

Cutting Edge Climbing Systems

So, climbers started experimenting with other things. Mechanical descenders, figure eights, even box wrenches! This all developed into our modern SRT climbing with rope wrenches and rope runners but, without this experimenting and ingenuity we would still be battling a double rope system and bad rope angles! 

Now with a rope wrench the climber is capable of ascending quickly and easily into the tree, beginning work as soon as they reach it, safely tied in from the ground up, and redirecting anywhere they like. You can check out our video about the rope wrench to get a good visual of what’s going on. We will try to break the next few blog posts up into each of these categories and explain exactly how they can benefit you in your work day. 

SRT climbing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advancements that our industry is going through. Some climbers are taking it upon themselves to merge our industry with other rope access industry by means of using 2 independent SRT systems to climb and work position. This makes every part of the most widespread trees easily and safely accessible. We will follow up this series of blog posts with an overview of DRT climbing in the tree world! 

As a note, I mention the use of a rope wrench in the blog post. This isn’t the absolute when it comes to SRT devices. Some other devices include the Rope Runner, Hitch Hiker, Petzl Rig, ISC D4, and others.

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