Dismantling A Massive Tree

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 11/8/2014 to Climbing News
Dismantling A Massive Tree
We just started a new series at Bartlett Arborist Supply with our #massivetreemondays! We are going to be posting a new video every Monday to our Facebook page showcasing some awesome tree work and some MASSIVE trees! We will also be highlighting some of the best riggers in the world through internet videos.


The first video is a classic among arborist on the internet! Graeme McMahon of Sherbrooke Tree Service dismantles a massive tree leaning over the Tahune Skywalk. The tree is obviously massive as you can see how small Graeme is compared to it! As he ascends, Graeme ratchet straps the tree together to insure its integrity the higher he goes. The pieces are then rigged out into other huge trees to each side of the removal. 

By redirecting all the forces into the other trees it keeps the enormous forces off the dead tree. Rigging physics  were surely used in this dismantle! The amount of rope needed for this job alone must have been more than most of us will ever need! 

To minimize the amount of damage to the undergrowth, Graeme must rip the wood into multiple pieces and then cut and chuck the smaller pieces to the ground. Looking at the sawdust cloud and the free fall of the chunks of wood really puts the height of this tree into perspective. Surely this was a long couple of days for the crew! Great work guys!

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