Everyone is a Hero with a GoPro Camera

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 5/14/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear
GoPro on Helmet

I’m pretty sure all of us wish we could show everyone how cool our jobs are right? What about the last monster you climbed? It would be awesome for some of your friends to be up there with you to see what you see, wouldn't it? With GoPro cameras everyone is a hero!

GoPro cameras started with a surfer that wanted to have a strong camera that could go everywhere with him. Now it is an empire built not only on awesome cameras but also awesome marketing. GoPro lets you be the star of your show by allowing you to give everyone a first person view of what you do.

The cameras are lightweight and relatively small. They are capable of capturing amazing video and pictures all while being stuck to any surface available. In video mode they are capable of shooting in 4k. To put 4k into perspective, all the High Def shows you watch now are viewed at 1920x1080 resolution, 4k is 4 times larger than any high def you are watching on tv. That’s huge! The camera also shoots 12 megapixel photos to help capture every moment in great clarity.

If you search Youtube for tree climbing videos you can almost be sure that 99% are shot with a GoPro. From helmet mount systems, to rope mounts, to chainsaw bar mounts you can be guaranteed to get an interesting angle of even the most boring job with a little bit of creativity. 

My previous GoPro took quite a beating and is still alive and kicking! From zip lining it attached to logs directly into the dirt to attaching it to the tops of trees and dropping them from the ground, my GoPro still held up to all the abuse. The included cases are super durable and waterproof up to 131”. It’s such a great feeling to wash your camera off with a garden hose after you’ve pulled it out from under a tree!

The price point on GoPro’s far exceeds anything else you can get with the image quality and durability of these great little cameras. With cameras starting at $129.99 for a basic model and heading towards $500 for a much more advanced camera, you are sure to find something that fits your budget and vision.

Check out the different options of GoPro Cameras that we sell and be sure to ask questions about what camera we recommend for you and your adventures. Now get out there and be a HERO!

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