Flashback To Our 2015 Open House

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 3/4/2016 to Tree Climbing Gear
Tree Climbing Event

The 2015 Bartlett Arborist Supply Open House was one for the record books! We had over 200 people in our shop on the first day and around 150 on the second for free tree climbing training, great deals, and great people! With trainers from around the country it was hard for people to not show up. Many of the attendees had questions for the trainers afterwards and they were more than willing to help until every last question was answered.

Taylor Hamel, a contract climber from Minnesota, was brought in thanks to DMM and Teufelberger to demonstrate the many uses of the Hitchclimber Pulley and some of the other great products from both companies. Wayne Ellison helped Taylor with the demonstration and with the hundreds of questions people had afterwards.

Aaron Johns of Kappen Tree Service and Jason Diehl, head splicer and owner of @Height, had a great demonstration of the similarities and differences of SRT and Ddrt climbing systems. Climbers in the audience received a thorough knowledge of SRT as well as SRT ascent with tools like the HAAS and foot ascenders. Base anchor variations were also discussed as were climbing hitches and mechanical devices.

After the great lunch some of the climbers moved outside onto the tree stand for more demonstrations. Taylor showed some really cool tricks like the add in prussic for alternating between your lanyard and climb line during ascent as well as a counterbalance aerial rescue technique that even had some of the other trainers in awe!

Some rigging demos took place on the second day as well with Jake Carufel and Wayne Ellison showing some basic and advanced rigging techniques on the tree. Basic port a wrap skills to redirecting forces in the tree were discussed and demoed with plenty of questions to help fill out the time.

All in all the Open House was a huge success with more attendees than we have ever had. The event keeps growing each year with more people and more trainers. Let’s hope the following years can keep building into bigger and bigger things with more people coming in for training to help them advance in our great industry. We love giving back to all the climbers and can’t wait to see you March 11 and 12, 2016!

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