Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 11/11/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear

Lately I have been using the DMM Porter Gear Bag for all my gear and ropes. I used to really like having my ropes in separate bags but anymore it is much more convenient to have everything layered in one bag. The DMM Porter Gear Bag is 70L, making it large enough to hold 2 150’ climb lines, a bag full of ascenders and prussiks, a bag full of hardware, 2 blocks, rigging slings, base anchor, my harness, and my helmet. The padded back, shoulder straps, and waist belt make it relatively comfortable while hiking. One feature I do love is the rain fly cover, on top of the bag being waterproof this helps keep moisture out of the drawstring enclosure up top. Here is a quick video showing how much gear you can pack into the 70 liter Porter bag.

Another awesome option are the Teufelberger RopeBUCKETs. They come in multiple sizes but for my dilemma the 50 or 80L is ideal. The gear bags are made from the same amazing material as the Treemotion harness. The outside has holes that allow you to make your own gear loops where ever you want and to attach your gear to the outside or the inside of the bag. The bags are also sturdy enough that they stand up on their own throughout the entire day making putting your rope away a breeze. The back pack straps are rated to far more than you will ever load into the bag as well. This bag will probably last longer than your climbing career!

Both of these gear bags offer a ton of options for those that need to store a lot of gear in one place. The biggest thing to keep in mind is organizing your gear bags correctly once you have one. There is no need to keep your throw line under your rope or your helmet at the bottom of your bag. Plan out your days and organize you bag according to your plan!

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