Hook And Grab Ascenders

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 4/23/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear

Has anyone looked into the new Hook and Grab Ascenders that we sell now? An ascender on a spike, what??? Why would you need that? What is a spikecender used for?

The Hook and Grab Ascender is used to easily and efficiently ascend into a tree that is going to be removed. Many people may think that spiking up into a tree is just as easy but that isn’t quite the case. With the use of heart rate monitors, climbers have done testing to prove that ascending SRT is easier on one’s heart and body. With the Hook and Grab, the climber can easily hook the rope to the ascender and move up the rope. With the included Quick Clip on the other spike the climber can add in a HAAS to move even more efficiently into the tree.

The Hook and Grab is just an ascender that is fashioned to fit onto the shank of most popular brand spikes like Buckingham, Climb Rights, and Gecko. The Hook and Grab bolts directly under the gaff with either the included bolts or with the bolts that come with your spikes. There is no need for drilling or retro fitting any of your equipment. Just take out the 2 bolts and place the Hook and Grab under your gaff! Easy!

Many times while doing crane removals there is a ton of up and down the tree that can easily wear a climber down in no time. With the Hook and Grab, the climber can tie into the top of the tree, attach the slings to the lead being removed, descend and make the cut, and then easily ascend back up to the next sling attachment point before the crane is back. This can greatly reduce the amount of time the crane is on the job, which in turn saves money!

These great tools are available through Bartlett Arborist Supply in any of the models mentioned above. They are assembled in the USA by a fellow arborist. Check out the video below to get a good view of these awesome pieces of kit that can make your day way easier!

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