Journeymen Training

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 6/10/2015 to Tree Climbing Safety
Journeymen Training

Over the past 4 weeks we have been helping IBEW Local 17 give their Journeyman Tree Trimmers some update training. These Local 17 tree trimmers maintain tree clearance around high voltage power lines. To become a Journeyman Tree Trimmer, our guys go through an apprenticeship program that last 2.5 years, after completing a number of evaluations throughout. 

Local 17 has also designed a boot camp for the new guys. Before you are allowed into the apprenticeship program you must make it through the boot camp which teaches skills from tying various knots, to climbing, to job site setup. This has been a huge advancement in finding workers that are passionate about the work and willing to keep that passion going. On top of that it gets workers in the field with a good set of basic skills to make the work day easier for them and the rest of the crew.

With this advancement we have brought about the update for Journeyman Line Clearance Tree Trimmers. This training involves 3 full days of classroom and hands on training covering everything from electrical systems awareness, climbing techniques, knot refreshers, and rigging demos and training. This has all been happening right at our shop in Marlette, Michigan. 50 guys per week for the last 4 weeks with possibly another 4 weeks to go.

Providing the guys with this training is a huge opportunity for us and for them. We have 4 different trees set up in our shop now which allows us to show all our customers different rigging and climbing setups as well as how to set up each component of these systems making it easier and safer for them to use them in the field. It has also given us another opportunity to fine tune our training programs to offer to our customers hopefully making our Open House an even bigger and more informative event next year.

We feel that giving back is our greatest asset to the climbing community. We can sell all the gear in the world but if people don’t have the training to use it, we are nothing. Through all the events we put on to help out our customers we see the passion and the great people we are here to serve. Thanks for the support!

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