Rock Exotica Omni Block

Posted by Tree Climbing Professional on 5/20/2016 to Tree Climbing Gear
Rock Exotica Omni Block

The Rock Exotica Omni Block is easily one of the most versatile pulleys on the market now a days. They are machined in Salt Lake City by the master machinist Rock Exotica, who have been pushing the industry for years. They are great for multiple rigging applications as well as rescue scenarios.

The Omni Block is rated for half inch ropes which, for the most part, is my go to rigging line diameter. On the market at the moment are 4 different sizes available 1.1”, 1.5”, 2.0”, and 2.6” each with a slightly higher MBS than the last. The 1.1” boasts an MBS of 23 kn or 5,175lbs, the 1.5” has an MBS of 36 kn or 8,100 lbs, the 2.0” has an MBS of 36 kn as well, and the 2.6” Omni Block has an MBS of 80 kn or 18,000 lbs.

We'd have to say the most useful Rock Exotica Omni Block for everyday rigging is the 1.5” or the 2.0”. Many climbers will use an Omni Block that is spliced directly to a loopie sling. The loopie sling is easily adjustable and makes setup a breeze. Team Bartlett uses the Omni Block Sling on every rigging jobs because of how easy, useful, and strong it is. It's sure to be one of your favorite rigging devices too!


Omni Block Pulley 1.5 inch          kp53b omni block pulley 2 inch          Omni Block Pulley 1.1 inch         Omni Block Pulley 2.6 inch         Sling-1-2-LOB zomni Block Sling Combo

The Omni Block is a very strong pulley that can easily be opened with one hand but is still double locking. This allows the pulley to be used as a quick redirect or for a primary rigging point. Because the pulley is so easy to open, the entire rope doesn’t need to be pulled up and through a natural crotch or a block doesn't need to be held with two hands to open and insert the rope. The entire process can be done with one hand.

The small black button on the top left side of the cheek plate can be pressed which allows the cheek plate to turn to the left one notch. By holding the button down again, the cheek plate can be turned to the fully open position. With a touch of practice this can be as easy as opening a carabiner!

The Omni Block Sling has worked flawlessly for TeamBartlett on hundreds of trees. We feel any rigging kit should have at least one Omni Block Sling inside! Try one out and you will easily see how awesome these little things are!



Omni Block Pulley 1.5 inch         kp53b omni block pulley 2 inch         Omni Block Pulley 1.1 inch         Omni Block Pulley 2.6 inch         Sling-1-2-LOB zomni Block Sling Combo

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