Salewa Boots

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 10/6/2014 to Tree Climbing Gear
Salewa Boots
We are going to discuss a new boot we just got into the shop today! The Salewa Mountain Trainer mids are an absolute pleasure to climb in. These boots are originally designed for hikers and alpine climbers for their approach boot. These highly technical boots are made for being abused on all types of rock surfaces that would surely tear a lesser boot to bits! 

First and foremost let's take a look at the great Vibram Mulaz soles. The boots have sticky rubber soles that help grip the tree and bark even during wet conditions. With a built in "climbing zone" located at the toes these boots maintain excellent grip while in the tree and while working on the ground. The soles also provide a bit of a larger heel than other hiking style boots on the market which helps while wearing gaffs. A fiberglass 3/4 shank helps reduce foot fatigue as well while climbing. 

Suede leather uppers help with longevity and with durability. The leather holds up very well to the grinding that takes place in the tree while jamming your feet into multiple unions on the way up and down. The uppers also form very well to your foot adding to the comfort level of these boots. The GoreTex membrane allows your foot to breath while also keeping water out. In a recent flood incident I wore my Mountain Trainers in 6 inches of water without getting my feet wet. 

The boots also feature the proprietary 3F Fit design which incorporates a "Y" shape support system behind the heel which hooks to the laces adding tons of support to the boot. This also keeps the heel firmly held in place while the foot bends and arches while on limbs. This design helps with fine tuning the boots to your liking while working throughout the day. These boots are great for hiking as well. The 3F design has helped me on multiple long distance hikes with brutal descents. In the past my boots would allow my foot to move forward resulting in busted toe nails and smashed toes. With the 3F design my foot stayed in one place and spared my digits for another hike! 

The insoles are also customizable which allows climbers with different volume feet to still comfortably wear the Mountain Trainers all day long. If your foot tends to be a bit bigger or wider the insoles easily split in half to accommodate the wider foot offering more toe room. This is a great option for climbers with big feet. Finally one of the best things about the Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX boots is the way they look! The sleek European design looks great while climbing, hiking, or just hanging out. The leather uppers stay true to color and the vibrant yellow tends to add just the right pop to the boot. An even better claim to these boots is Salewa's blister free policy! If you get a blister within 2 weeks of purchase you can exchange or return the boot free of charge! 

Weight: 3lbs 11oz

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