Small Business - "We're Just Like You!"

Posted by Professional Arborist & Tree Climber on 12/7/2016 to Tree Climbing Gear

Being a small, family owned business is everything to us! 

We know the value of hard work!
We wake up everyday before the sun comes up, get on our work boots, drive to the job sites, put on our PPE, and trim trees – just like you!

We're not always sitting behind a desk doing paperwork – we are out in the field cutting trees, evaluating the next tree job, ensuring our employees are safe on the job, etc. We are just like you! 

We get home after dark, most days not even home early enough to kiss our children good night due to the day-to-day activities of being a tree trimmer. We are just like you! 

We love our families and know that we are supporting them by our hard-working attributes. We take pride knowing that our children are watching us work hard day in and day out instead of just sitting on the couch. We are just like you! 

We built our business from the ground up! Our parents were small town farmers and growing up, we were expected to get up to do chores before school, after school, and well into the evening. Our family of 10 lived in a very modest 3 bedroom home. We worked alongside our father in the fields, plowing and clearing trees – exactly where our passion began. We thank our family for instilling the hard-working mentality that is strong within us today. 

Our customers that continue to work hard on the job everyday too! 

Work hard. Stay humble. Everyday.

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