Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 3/9/2017 to Tree Climbing Gear

No Easier Way to Tend Your Rope

I have been using the Petzl Zig Zag for three years and have absolutely loved every minute of it! This device is simply one of the smoothest devices made for Double Rope Technique (DdRT) climbing. If you’re a climber who wants to move quickly and smoothly through the tree without getting bound up by friction caused by wet ropes or a wet hitch cord, then the Zig Zag is just what you need. Don’t let its size fool you; this device combines multiple tools into one small and convenient package that helps you climb trees with ease.

The fact that this device looks and functions like a friction hitch, but is made out of metal, makes it a familiar device that is easy to use and extremely durable. You can pull down on the Zig Zag just like you are using a friction hitch and expect a similar response; this takes the guesswork of how to use the Zig Zag and downtime due to retraining of employees out of the equation!

When I’m moving through a tree, I absolutely love using the Zig Zag because there is almost zero friction when I need to cruise out onto the tips of tree limbs. The fact that the rope literally falls through the device makes coming back from limb walks a breeze as well. I find that I hardly even need to tend slack because the rope slides through the device so well.

The built-in pulley helps keep rope feeding into the Zig Zag when my tail is redirected up and over my head, keeping me from needing to take the extra time to pull my tail down to me. The swivel is expertly designed to keep my rope from getting twisted; you’ll find this particularly beneficial on big dead wood jobs that have you twisting and turning all day long. I can sum up the experience of using the Pretzl Zig Zag in one word: awesome!

Why Should You Try the Petzl Zig Zag?

  • Extremely durable

  • Superb design

  • Functions like a friction hitch without the friction

  • Allows you to tend rope with ease

  • Swivel design keeps rope from getting twisted

  • Limb-walk with ease

  • No more sapped up friction cords

If you haven’t tried the Zig Zag yet, I highly recommend it, especially for those coming from a Hitchclimber system because it feels exactly like a friction hitch in your hand. You will appreciate the smooth slack tending and its ability to eat up rope like you’ve never felt before. As a professional tree climber with many years of experience, I’ve fallen in love with the device and trust that you will too!

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