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The morning sun burnt the low lying fog off as climbers started to wake from their camps. Tents and hammocks were spread out through the trees like an old logging camp. The smell of campfires and coffee hung in the air just like the same early morning fog the sun had just chased away. Today is the first morning of TREE-JAM-CAMP.

Climbers had traveled from around the globe to meet up with their friends to share knowledge, experiences, and their love for climbing trees. Techniques vary in tree climbing as much as the license plates varied in the parking lot. This vast group of climbers met up on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron in Lexington, Michigan to share all of this with each other.

After everyone had breakfast in the dining hall just like they were in summer camp the noises around camp began to come alive. Kids screaming “treejam” as they kicked their feet 30 feet off the ground sailing across the zip line. For first timers, they may have thought that there was a cattle farm nearby with all the cowbells ringing through the air. Instead it was a spectacular showing of some the world’s best climbers competing in the trees. There is no greater show of camaraderie than at a tree climbing competition and it was shown to its fullest at TREE-JAM-CAMP.

Tree Jam Camp

The crowd cheered on everyone brave enough to attempt the obstacle course. Imagining the ground is lava, everyone would cheer as a swing was made without touching or scream if they came even closer to touching. Laughing and smiles were all around. Kids ascended the trees under the careful watch of other climbers knowing that this the future for the industry.

The crystal clear waters of Lake Huron enticed families to dip their toes into the icy water. As refreshing as a mountain stream the lake was sure to invigorate the travelers from more tropical climates. The morning sunrises, like a post card from far off places, were sure to be etched into everyone’s minds for weeks.

As the sun slowly sank into the sky, everyone gathered around the fire pit. The amps began to hum as Mountain Babies stood atop a deck and began to strum their guitars and sing songs to fill the night air. Good vibes were felt throughout the crowd as everyone sat back after an amazing day of climbing with their best friends and being with the greatest group of people around. This is what TREE-JAM-CAMP is all about.

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