The DMM Captain Hook is a great option for tricky work positioning

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 4/19/2017 to Tree Climbing Gear

DMM Captain Hook

You’ll Be Hooked

Have you ever been in that position in the tree when you are all the way out at the tip of the limb, looking at that perfect place to lanyard into, but you know that there is no way to get your lanyard all the way over there and back to you? Yeah, I think we have all been in this position before, but what if there was a quick and easy way around this dilemma? Well, there is! The DMM Captain Hook is a great option for tricky work positioning.

The DMM Captain Hook is a grappling hook with a weighted nose that quickly and quite easily can be thrown into an adjacent tree to give you a third point of attachment for better work positioning. It’s important to note that the Captain Hook shouldn’t be used as a life support device, but it is ideal for use in addressing tricky work positioning. 

The self-orientating, high strength throwing hook has been designed to increase stability and pivot onto any anchor up to 90mm in diameter to achieve a reliable anchor position. Dependant on anchor quality, the DMM Captain Hook achieves a rated strength of 18kN. The grappling hook is also designed to allow the gear to be racked efficiently when the job is done, minimizing the chances of getting caught on something during a climb.

The Captain and You

So imagine yourself as the climber in the previously described scenario. You could tie-in and make your way out to the end of the limb. You could lanyard into the limb you are standing on and then throw the grappling hook directly into that ideal positioning point that you couldn’t access without the Captain Hook. The device’s nose will drop and hook itself onto the limb and then the entire system can be tightened up. Now you have two life support attachment points connected to the tree and an extra hand for correct positioning. Perfect!

We used the Captain Hook while climbing the Sequoias last year. It worked like a dream for traversing between trees and for extra work positioning while going way out onto the end of any giant limbs. The most convenient thing about the DMM Captain Hook is the fact that you can just throw it and let it hook itself, instead of having to pass the end of your lanyard over a limb and then getting your terminating end all the way back to you. 

The Captain Hook retrieves very well with a quick flip of the rope. The grappling hook will drop off the limb and lower a bit and then another quick pull of the rope will flip the entire thing back over the limb and back to you! With a little practice, you’ll be a pro, and extremely happy that you’ve added the Captain Hook to your arsenal of gear when climbing in the trees.

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