The Hitch Climber Kit

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 6/26/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear
The Hitch Climber Kit

The Hitch Climber Kit is a great option for climbers looking to advance from the Blake’s Hitch or Tautline Hitch. Though these tried and true techniques work well enough, the Hitch Climber Kit can make your climbing and positioning much more efficient.

The Hitch Climber Kit consists of a DMM Hitch Climber Pulley, an 8mm Armor Prus Prussic, 2 DMM Ultra O Carabiners, and 150’ of Samson Vortex rope with a spliced eye. This setup together makes a completely streamlined system that tends slack extremely well and slides much better than a Blake’s and surely better than a Tautline!

The Hitch Climber Pulley features a pulley (obviously) attached to a sort of rigging plate with 3 holes in it. These holes allow the climber to attach their carabiners to any of these holes in any configuration they like but for the system to work ideally, the spliced end (terminating end) of your climb line should be attached to the center hole while your prussic can be slid over each side of the pulley and attached to the bottom hole.

This system works extremely well when the climber pulls on the tail of rope below the prussic. When pulled, the rope easily moves through a friction saver or tie in point, the terminating end of the rope lifts from the center hole of the Hitch Climber and lifts your prussic. Instead of needing to push the hitch up like in traditional systems, the climber can just pull on the tail of their rope and the slack is taken right out of their system.

The Hitch Climber Kit is a great way to quickly and easily make the switch to a more efficient system that can add years to your climbing career. Check it out or let us know if you are already using one!

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