Throwline Cube

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 12/18/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear

Have you ever tried wrapping a throw line around a stick for storage or maybe pushing it into a 2 liter bottle? Have you noticed that it is extremely difficult to get it into that bottle and even harder getting it off the stick before you can even throw the bag? Sometimes I think this is why lots of guys don’t use a throw line to its fullest advantage!

Throw lines can obviously be used for setting your climb line high into the tree to give yourself the perfect tie in point but they can also be used for a multitude of other uses. Storm damaged trees or limbs can be tied off without ever getting into the tree with a throw line. A rigging point can be set without ever leaving the ground. Dead punky trees can easily have a pull line set in them without ever taking the risk of climbing the nasty thing!

The biggest word of advice I have for climbers that are not used to using a throw line is to stay organized. Once your line is set, be sure to put your throw line away. It’s a small light line that is sure to snag on everything if it isn’t put away! You could wrap the line around a stick, or put it into a bag, or shove it into a soda bottle but these all have their downsides. The most convenient way to store your throw line is in a cube!

Throw line cubes are a work of art. Built off of an origami shape that starts as a triangle and unfolds into a cube, the throw line cube opens up large enough to make it easy to flake your line inside while also folding down small enough to fit into almost any gear bag. The cubes offer 2 side pockets for storing your bags and a velcro tab for identifying which end is the throwing end of the line. These cubes will save minutes at the end of the day and hours by the end of the week or month compared to a stick or other forms of storage.

Check out this quick video about how we recommend organizing your throw line cube. This way of organizing is sure to make your throw line usage much more efficient and give you less of a headache!

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