Tree Climbing Safety

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 9/12/2014 to Tree Climbing Safety
tree climbing safety

In the past three weeks in Michigan, we have been riddled with storms which in turn brings the opportunity to make an enormous amount of money! While making this money is great, as with many other things in life there is a trade-off. This trade off consists of a risk to reward factor that can at times ruin workers perceptions of safety in order to make a quick buck.

Storm conditions bring downed power lines that can energize fences or other conductive objects. Tension and compression wood rear their ugly head in the worst sort of way during storms. Tension wood can cause catastrophic barber that can maim or kill a worker. Compression wood can pinch saws making long days even more fatiguing. Hangers are just as abundant from high winds as from the major ice storm we had this winter.

Pre job briefings are a great place to discuss every potential hazard on the job and how to mitigate the risks involved. The biggest hurdle to overcome is actually doing those pre job briefings! Many times workers look towards the work to be done and not the potential to side step a major injury with a quick pre job briefing.

With any of our customers, friends, and workers we try to push safety to the highest. Be sure to check all your gear after the long hours of storm work and don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions on gear configurations or systems. Most importantly though, be sure to watch out for yourselves and everyone else during these hectic conditions!

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