Tree Trimming Extension Pole - Round Middle with Aluminum Connectors
Tree Trimming Extension Pole - Round Middle with Aluminum Connectors

Tree Trimming Extension Pole - Round Middle with Aluminum Connectors

Part Number:023-M
All Bartlett Extension Poles are professional grade for the professional arborist. These Bartlett fiberglass poles are light, strong, and stiff. These round yellow sectional poles are supplied standard with an aluminum sleeve and aluminum ferrule. These professional grade poles are designed for use with the pole pruners, pole saws, or wire raising tools. Whether you require a new pole or a replacement for your worn or damaged pole, Bartlett Fiberglass Poles are an excellent choice! 

Poles longer than 8 feet must be shipped freight.

Please Note:  Bartlett Arborist Supply poles are not compatible with other manufacturer's poles.


Select Length
4 Foot - Price $24.25
6 Foot - Price $27.15
8 Foot - Price $31.00
10 Foot - Price $29.80 Does not qualify for Free Shipping
12 Foot - Price $32.50 Does not qualify for Free Shipping
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4 Stars
Almost perfect
If your looking for fiberglass poles and planning to reach farther than 20 feet then these are your poles there stiff and have enough weight to make cutting 20ft. Over head a breeze i own two different silky poles and fred marvin fiberglass pole set i customized my wire raiser to have a silky blade on it so with the combination of the stiffness the weight and silky blade theres not a better set up out there im only giving it 4 stars becuase they seem to be universal but their not and was able to modify all my attachments besides my big shot their recieving 4 stars instead of 3 due to their awesome customer service and they went above and beyond to make me happy witch was a good decision on there side becsuse now ill be a life time customer so if your just starting out make sure u get your loppere and hook and blade attachments from them to save you the headache and if the pole makers of this company is reading this Make the diameter of your female attachment points just a little bit bigger in diameter and they would be so much more universal and you would sale so much more Poles and have so much more happy customers guaranteed!!!!
Reviewed by:  from Lakewood. on 10/3/2019
1 Stars
One Pole Incorrectly Assembled
I received one pole that was incorrectly assembled. The wooden shaft core was not set flush with the outer jacket and would not allow me to connect anything to the female end. Unfortunately the pins holding the sleeve go all the way through the pole and I cannot tap the core into place.
Reviewed by:  from Fallbrook, CA. on 1/22/2016


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