XSRE Carabiners

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 10/14/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear
DMM came out with some super cool little tools called the XSRE Carabiner. These small carabiners are nearly weightless and are capable of holding immense loads. Their small size is great for storing on your harness and the multitude of colors available is sure to keep them visible all the time. With a breaking strength of 1000lbs you are sure to find them useful too!

One of the more useful things I have found is using them to retrieve a friction saver. When the XSRE carabiner is passed through the eye of your climbing line, it can easily be pulled up through the tree until it passes through the large ring and gets caught on the small ring of your friction saver. This tends to work much better than an overhand knot for retrieval because there is much less bulk to get caught between the rings. If you don’t have an eye splice, the carabiner can be pierced through the rope without damaging the rope fibers to help with retrieving your friction saver.

Personally I am a big fan of keeping my throw bag attached while pulling my climb line through my tie in point. If you do the same thing, the XSRE carabiners can help save a bit of time by clipping your eye splice directly to the throw bag. The bag and rope will go up into the tree in a nice compact line making it easy to pull through your tie-in point without the need to take your bag off the throw line.

These little carabiners have tons of other uses too! If you have an awesome use for them please feel free to share it in the comments below!

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