Adjustable Friction Saver

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 7/22/2014 to Tree Climbing Gear
Adjustable Friction Saver

FAdjustable Friction Saverriction savers are a great way for minimizing friction while climbing and also protecting the cambium layer of the trees you intend on climbing. 

One major downfall of the traditional friction saver is its ability to slide down a straight spar when un-weighted. 

One way of preventing this from happening is by adding a small prusik with a small ring spliced through it. 

By simply wrapping the prusik around the friction saver and passing the small ring through the prusik three times, a six coil prusik is tied. 

Make sure to always tie, dress, and set. 

Now, your friction saver is easily adjustable. 

Be sure to remember, your friction saver can be used without the adjustable prusik for a friction free climb, anywhere it’s needed.

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