Work Hard Stay Humble

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 1/17/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear
Billy's Tree Service in Lexington, Michigan

Work Hard Stay Humble is a new slogan we’ve been using at Bartlett Arborist Supply. We feel it is more of an ethic to work and live by than a slogan though. Our company is built around working hard, staying humble, and remembering where we came from. We started as climbers before working at Bartlett Arborist Supply and we still climb to this day.

The parent company of Bartlett Arborist Supply started with a pickup truck and a chainsaw just as many of you did or may be doing right now. Through massive amounts of hard work and staying humble with their rise, they now own a tree service with many employees. Working hard is an understatement when it comes to this company. Days off are scarce even now for the owners of the company as they are still in the field with their men taking care of business. If you were to be in the same room with all the employees and the owners, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart as they are one in the same.

This same ethic was passed onto Bartlett Arborist Supply when we took it over. You work hard and you give back. You relate to your customers because we are the same people. We climb and we know the products because we use them! Selling tree gear isn’t the most profitable business in terms of money but in terms of personal contact it is a gold mine. It’s great to talk to customers about their companies and how they go out everyday using our products to make the money to buy their kids a bike for their birthday or take their family on vacation. It’s even better talking to return customers about how well the products we recommended or turned them away from have saved them money or saved their back.

We want to be a company that you can rely on for quality advice and products. Our new slogan is held in our hearts and shown on the calluses on our hands. We want to highlight other companies that have the same work ethic as well.

We started the ‘Work Hard, Stay Humble’ video series to recognize companies that are out there working hard everyday. The first segment covers Billy’s Tree Removal out of Lexington, Michigan. Billy has been a long time friend and has been working hard since long before I was working. In 8th grade Billy started with a push mower soon after he started driving and purchased a riding mower all the while attending high school. Now with 175 weekly accounts and being in business for almost 16 years he does tree removal full time while still running the lawn care company as well. Hard work is an understatement to these guys! Check out the video below!

If your company lives by these standards feel free to contact us and maybe we can do a video segment on your company showing your work ethic and hard work! Send us and email or contact us on Facebook!

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