What I Learned at the 2017 TCIA Expo

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 12/18/2017

After spending three days of talking with the heads of our industry at one of the biggest tree shows of the year, it has really revived my passion for tree work! The TCIA Expo gets me pumped every year to come back to work and start putting new techniques and different procedures in place at my own company. It also helps me get a great understanding of where other company owners are at with their own companies, as well as getting to ask them questions about how to make my company better! There really is no better place to get so much information under one roof! If you missed the 2017 TCIA Expo, no worries, I’ve got you covered.

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The Petzl Zig Zag Delivers a Cutting Edge Climbing Experience

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 12/11/2017

From working trade shows and talking with climbers from around the country, the one thing I always hear is how much climbers love the Petzl Zig Zag! This mechanical descender takes the place of your friction hitch and allows the climber to flow through the tree with the touch of a finger! Imagery aside, this device is a huge stepping stone is most climbers’ careers, signaling a move away from the Blake’s Hitch or Tautline into cutting edge climbing. 

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New Climbing Lines to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 12/4/2017

Two Great New Climbing Line Options

There are two really cool new climbing lines that have been released in the past month from Teufelberger that we would love to tell you about! These climbing lines would make a great Christmas present for any tree climber in your family! These new lines are called Xstatic and drenaLINE, and each works great for different types of climbing. Teufelberger is probably best known for Tachyon; its powerhouse DdRT or MRS rope. These two new lines help fill in the areas that Tachyon was lacking and should be immediately added to your holiday wish list.

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