Climbing & Rigging Kits

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 6/3/2014 to Tree Climbing Gear
Climbing & Rigging Kits

The amount of climbing gear needed in many circumstances can be a very large investment in time and money to research the correct gear needed to perform the task. One easy and simple way for beginner and advanced climbers to quickly and easily determine what gear is needed is with a climbing kit. Climbing kits are packages that includes most everything needed without having to buy everything separately.

A perfect climbing kit for the beginner climber would be one that easily helps the climber learn the basics of climbing without breaking the bank and all the while keeping them safely attached to the tree from the ground up. First the climber would want a throwline to aid in setting their line in the tree high enough for them to comfortably move through the canopy. Next a friction saver would help to not only minimize the damage to the cambium layer of the tree but also make ascending into the tree much more efficient by reducing the friction at the tie in point. A good saddle and rope are next in the lineup to a great beginner climbing kit. A 16 strand climb line is great because the cover can easily be inspected for nicks or abrasions that could weaken the rope. Two snaps and a split tail make for an open climbing system that makes movement throughout the tree much easier. A 2 in 1 lanyard makes advancing up the tree much safer by alternating each end above limbs to guarantee a 100% attachment to the tree while climbing.

Handsaws vary by tooth count and material but for a beginner, a basic handsaw is all that's needed to make clean professional cuts. A leather scabbard allows for a great connection to the harness and is long lasting. Once it's time for bigger cuts to be made, a chainsaw lanyard will help in attaching a chainsaw to the climbers side once aloft. Make sure to use the climb line and the lanyard any time you are cutting while aloft.

Once the climber has selected the correct union for a tie in point and set their friction saver, they can begin low and slow to get comfortable with all their new gear. By slowly moving higher into the tree with each new limb or branch the climber will feel more comfortable in their new gear. Always work low and slow with new gear or techniques.

With all the time a climber can save with a climbing kit, they can get right into the tree and start exploring the canopy.
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