Gecko Butt-Check'O' Kit
Gecko Butt-Check'O' Kit

Gecko Butt-Check'O' Kit

Part Number:KIT-GBC
On sale$895.00
Whether you are tip tying, double whipping, negative rigging, or any style rigging, we all know how important proper positioning is. Allow us to help accomplish that. With the Gecko Ultra Light Spurs, sticking to the tree like a gecko has never been easier! To add to the awesomeness, the Kiwi Klimber ascender has been added to the mix! So avoid the frustration and don't hesitate to purchase this lightweigh Butt-Check'O' Kit. 

Kit includes:
  • Gecko Ultra Light Tree Climbers
  • Kiwi Klimber Ascender
  • 46" Tear Away Chainsaw Lanyard
  • 150' Tachyon Rope with Eye (Green or Orange)
  • 1 Gold DMM XSRE Carabiner
  • 4SRT Chester
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