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Bartlett Exclusive Antidote Rope

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🧪Antidote Rope🧪

ArborRAGE has been running rampant throughout the globe, causing arborist to, NOW, go into an undead like mode! Arborists would show up and just begin felling the tree, no matter the targets, yelling FULL SEND! The search for the antidote had begun. Prior to, the mad doctor was taken into custody and was being held in solitary confinement for his inhumane actions, but after constant failure to create the antidote, there was no choice but to reach out for his help! For only he, understood the original TF95 serum. The mad doctor was released under heavy guard. Ahhh, tis’ but a simple solution to ArborRAGE, he said in his maniacal voice. FS92 is the only compound that can counter act the original, but beware for there are side effects as well! Ignoring the doctors warning, the research team successfully created the “ANTIDOTE”! This was distributed the only way the arborist would even fathom of touching…another rope. Antidote made its way around the globe and into the hands of the infected, with positive effects. Arborists began dismantling the most difficult removals with ease, pruning the widest spread trees as if they were, “flying squirrels”! Seems that the serum was a success but the research team’s celebration was cut short, for the mad doctor had vanished…..

Diameter: 11.7mm
Avg. Strength: 6500 lbs
24 strand
Spliced eye

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