Shembiner Accessory Clip

Posted by Arborist on 4/18/2016 to Climbing News
shembiner accessory clip

The Shembiner Accessory Clip is a game changer in the tree world! The idea for the clip came from an arborist named Shem Kendrick. 

Shem took the basic concept of an accessory carabiner and removed the gate. Though this seems simple, you could easily just break the gate off a Petzl Caritool, he went a step further and designed a shape that would hold a chainsaw even while inverted!

shembiner accessory clipThe Shembiner Accessory Clip easily attaches to most climbing saddles through a webbing slot and locks quite firmly in place with its own slot for the webbing. The top of the clip is open, allowing a chainsaw leash or ring to easily drop into the unique opening. 

We've tested the Shembiner Accessory Clip and the small lip at the nose of the clip has kept the chainsaw attached during all of the tests. Though we haven't had any issues with a saw coming off, it is still an absolute must to use a long leash for your saw and only use the Shembiner as a secondary attachment point. 

The open attachment point of the Shembiner Accessory Clip allows the climber to easily attach or detach their saw with one hand. Though this may not feel like a huge advantage it can easily take time off a removal or trim which easily can knock minutes off the end of the week and hours off at the end of the year. 

The Shembiner can also be used to hold extra gear as well. We’ve also found it very useful for holding a rigging line while moving throughout the canopy. It’s super easy to remove the rope from the clip and even easier to toss it back in.

We'd say it's a must have in your gear bag! And it's pretty cool that it was designed by an arborist and machined by another arborist! Two cool guys that love climbing and the arborist industry!

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