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How to Video: Omni Block Sling Setup

The Omni Block Sling is a great rigging tool that can easily and quickly be set up in the tree. Check out this quick video that shows how to correctly set it up!


  • The Spider Jack 3

    The Spider Jack 3

      **Comes with 3 cams for different rope diameters. The SpiderJack 3 is cam dependent. Meaning the appropriate cam must be used in accordance to the rope being used.** ART SPIDER JACK 3 is a multifunctional, self-blocking rope control device...

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  • Safe Spar Anchors and Tie-In Points

    Safe Spar Anchors and Tie-In Points

    Once the canopy is removed and all my positive rig points have been eliminated, now it's timed to do  some negative rigging! In other words, butt-hitching. Not only have my rigging anchors been removed, but my main TIP is gone too, so how...

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  • Using Mechanical Advantage to Safely Limb Walk

    Using Mechanical Advantage to Safely Limb Walk

    Looking back at my early days of climbing, I dreaded those bendy, awkward, skinny limb walks that would test your balance. This was partly due to being inexperienced, and having my rope at terrible angles that threatened to snap the limb if I...

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We sell tree climbing equipment and gear for the professional arborist. We promise low prices and offer free shipping on climbing gear orders over $99. Bartlett Arborist Supplies has been in business and trusted by professional tree climbers for over 100 years! Your climbing safety and comfort are our priority!

Need help selecting the right arborist supplies? We offer pre-assembled tree climbing kits to help make the buying process easier for you! We carry everything from tree climbing spikes and spurs, climbing saddles and safety harnesses, throwlines and weights to arborist clothing, tree climbing books and videos, rope bags and so much more! Still have a question about tree climbing gear? We have professional arborists available to help you! Give us a call (989)264-0939 or click here to contact us.

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