Arborist saddles for tree climbing are so important. Regardless of what type of climber you are or what type of work you are doing in the industry, one thing is for sure, you had better be comfortable in your saddle! With so many different options and configurations and a keen eye on comfort in the industry right now is a great time to be a climber. 

Ergonomics tend to play hand in hand with what we do, by being comfortable while you are working in trees, you are buying more time to do more of the things you love... like keep climbing for longer in your career!   Sling saddles tend to be an older style saddle that didn’t look much towards comfort but more towards ease of use and affordability. Sling saddles tend to be more in the value range but comfort won’t be the main selling point. 

Leg saddles tend to give the climber more mobility by allowing their legs free range of movement while weighted. More of the new high end saddles tend to be leg saddles with comfort in mind and because of this their prices tend to be higher.  

Regardless of price, a sling or leg saddle will be of no use to you if you are uncomfortable in it. Making sure that the fit is exact with summer and winter clothes on will maximize your investment and your ability to climb comfortably.
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