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4 Investments in Yourself that Can Pay Off in More Money

4 Investments in Yourself that Can Pay Off in More Money

As you start to establish your company or if you're an integral part of an established company you may be looking for ways to bring in more income and expand. One may think the only way to do that is to spend less, and save more, but that's not creating an expansion that's just reorganizing how you're handling your current money, which is also great, but how can you increase the flow of income? One may think- get more clients! But that's just an idea, it's now an action step to take! In thinking of ways to increase income you may feel it counterproductive to SPEND money when all you want to do is have more money, but sometimes you have to give to get. Let's look at 4 ways you can spend money that will (if done right) create an influx in income either immediately or overtime.

Advertising Your Business

This is obvious but that's because it's tried and true. Getting your name out there expands your reach and potential client base. Try new tactics mixed with old school ways. Be present online and in person. Whether it be online marketing, lawn signs, truck decals, local events, or social media ads your name is getting in front of people creating brand awareness and forming a connection in your community. If they know you exist then they can look into your company and hire you. You can wait for word of mouth to spread (which is a powerful, organic marketing tactic) or you can take action and start the conversation!

Update Your Gear

Look at your set up. Is there something out there that could help you work faster or smarter? Not only will you maximize time by upgrading (although..... if you get paid by the hour we can see how this could really be counter productive haha!) your body will also thank you for finding an easier way. We should always be looking to work smarter, not harder. This will pay off in the long run. Beating up your body can lead to days off to recover, a shortened career in the industry, or even months off due to surgeries to repair damage, which is money lost. And as always, be looking to replace gear when needed to be as safe as possible.

More Education

The more you know the more you can do. Plain and Simple. And the more you know the more professional you become. Keep learning in order to master your trade. Never stop learning, never assume you know everything. There is power in knowledge. This expansion thru books, courses, expos, and certifications can open up new jobs, positions, and opportunities for you that before the doors were shut on.

Take a Vacation

Yep. As odd as it sounds, taking time off and spending money on a vacation may just be the thing to help make you money in the future! How? Well, if you have ever experienced burnout or stress due to your job you will 100% understand. When you are exhausted, uninspired, unmotivated, and perhaps just angry with all things work the best thing to do before everything just tanks is take a step away, recharge, relax, re-evaluate, and then enter back into work with a fresh mind, recouped body, and revitalized excitement for what you do.

It's never a bad idea to invest in yourself, even without a return, but a return sure does help!

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