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5 Vacations In the USA for the Tree Lover

5 Vacations In the USA for the Tree Lover

1. Sequoia National Park

If you're looking for a vacation that also serves as a tree lover destination you can pull into this park and be in instant and unmatched awe! Sequoia National Park is full of simply breathtaking, unbelievable trees that reach to the sky at heights most of us have never seen before!

If you're a hiker, there are trails to enjoy the backcountry, but even by car you will be awed! The park also includes the world's largest tree (by volume): The General Sherman Tree. Just a short walk and you can stand under its grand presence. This park is also adjacent to Kings Canyon National Park in California's southern Sierra Nevada Mountains so you might as well hit two birds with one stone while you're there.

Honestly, California in general is a fantastic state to travel in search of large trees, dense forests, and pure nature goodness!! There are several more parks after this but Sequoia National Park is a MUST-SEE tree lover destination!!

2. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Straddling the North Carolina and Tennessee border, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, often referred to as just 'The Smokies,' is like going back in time. The mountains are made up of lush forests; the rivers are crystal clear; the hiking trails are long and quiet; and it's rich in history.

This region got its name due to the vapor that is released from the vegetation. The molecules that make up the gas scatter blue light from the sky causing a smoke effect that Native Americans referred to as 'blue smoke.' Although the trees in the park may not be setting any records in terms of their size, just being amongst them is calming.

The park offers free admission and is open year round, so you can enjoy everything from the wild flowers, to fall colors, to frozen, crisp, white scenery. With a hiking or nature trail, pull off, or scenic driving loop at almost every turn, you could easily spend several days at this tree lover destination! And when you get your nature fix in, the bustling town of Gatlinburg is right outside the park, so dinner, shopping, and lodging is made easy. But if you want to stay away from all that there are endless cabins tucked up in the tree-filled mountains that you can stay at!

3. The Live Oaks of Savannah, Georgia

If you love History, great food, and a good ghost story this is the tree lover destination for you. The Historic Downtown District was laid out in a grid pattern to make city squares ' 24 of which you can still visit! Each square feels like a small, cultured park! Musicians, carriage rides, walking tours, all of this can be seen from one tiny square. But what anchors these squares are the HUGE, towering, beautifully spread, moss adorned Live Oaks! With canopies like you've never seen before, they appear even more grand, and a touch creepy, with the Spanish moss hanging from their branches. To see these sites in the middle of a bustling city center is the perfect blend and balance of man-made scenery and nature.'

4. The Angel Oak of Charleston, South Carolina'

We all know trees are living organisms, but this tree lover destination really, really feels and looks ALIVE in the sense that it has a soul and personality! The gnarly branches of The Angel Oak not only spiral up into the sky, but they also reach out, going into the ground and back up again. This magnificent tree is said to be approx. 400-500 years old and its body produces shade that covers 17,200 square feet!

This tree is protected, so you are allowed to look, but please don't touch. The park is very tiny, so basing your whole vacation around this one tree may not be suitable if you live far away, but luckily, the historic and quaint town of Charleston offers plenty to do after you've taken in the Angel Oak.

Many impressive and recorded trees are noted due to their height, but this tree'and its sprawling limbs just looks and feels like something you've never stood in front of before: a must see for any tree lover!'

5. Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Touching on California one more time, but switching it up from massive Sequoia's to sky high Redwoods!! This park holds the world's largest remaining contiguous old-growth forest of coastal redwoods! Follow the 31 mile portion of old highway 101 and you'll find yourself on The Avenue of The Giants, which covers 51,222 acres!! It's a world famous scenic drive that will again, leave you in awe. Drive, hike, swim, photograph wildlife, picnic' this park offers a lot in a compact area and rounds out our tree lover destination list.'

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