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A Cool and Easy Rigging technique for Getting Wood on the Ground

A Cool and Easy Rigging technique for Getting Wood on the Ground

We wanted to share a cool rigging technique that Jake Carufel shared on his Instagram page. If you've ever called into Bartlett in the past, you have probably talked to him on the phone. Jake started his own tree service based in Port Huron, Michigan. Let's see what Jake had to say about the rigging technique he used in this cool video!

The video is showing a technique for keeping a log from doing some major damage to the landscape of my client's house. We were hired to remove a declining Norway Maple that was planted in a recession that was built into the landscape design. The tree had multiple fruiting bodies growing around the buttress roots, as well as some roots that could be kicked and visibly moved with any type of force. Needless to say, the tree needed to come down!

I climbed the tree and rigged out all of the limbs. This was easy going but we needed to be sure that the limbs were smaller, as we didn't want the tree to fail at the base by rigging out too large of a limb. When I finally made it to the larger wood, I decided against notching and dropping the log onto the Alturna Mats we used for access for my mini skid. I didn't want to cause unnecessary damage to the mats or to any of the landscape. So I descended off the log and took a quick look around to see what other options I had.

Thankfully, there was a nice hole right through the middle of the canopy of an Oak we had scheduled for removal as well. I took out the throw line and set my rigging line right where it needed to be. Next, I flicked a running bowline around the top of the log and tensioned it with the port a wrap built into the grapple on my mini. I set an Omni Block sling around the base of the log and cut my notch. I tied off the log and took a bunch of natural wraps around the trunk and locked it off.

We backed up the mini and let her rip. Both ropes caught the log a couple inches off the ground and protected all the small plants and landscaping. Pretty quick and easy and my customer was really happy that their yard looked better than when we began!

Pretty cool story Jake! Thanks for sharing such a cool and easy rigging technique for getting wood on the ground! If you guys have any cool techniques, please feel free to share them in the comments below! We love seeing what you come up with to safely get big wood on the ground! If you want to follow Jake on Instagram, look him up under @arbeerist and comment on what you think about his video!

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