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Arbortec Cobra Bag

Arbortec Cobra Bag


In this video, Abdon gives us a quick review of Arbortec's 65l Cobra bag.

The sturdy webbing carrying system of the Cobra Rope Bag means we can rate it with a superb 50kg max load capacity. For the 65L bags, the webbing extends right around the base of the bag and is connected to the hauling points via 4 aluminum rings, allowing for replacement of handles should they become damaged or worn over time.

Built from Arbortec's tough and waterproof PES/PVC tarpaulin fabric, the bag is also reinforced on the verticals with extra supports to ensure the perfect “bucket” shape.

The 65L also features an internal removable divider at the base of the bag for you to separate your kit, as well as a small internal rope bucket that can be taken out and used as a separate bucket.

The bag has a zippered lid with overlapping storm flap and a rope access point in the center with a rubber seal to prevent dirt ingress.

These bags feature a drain hole in the base and further ventilation points around the bag to prevent mildewing of damp rope.

For ease of use, a padded shoulder harness system is included which turns this bag from a rope bucket into a fully-fledged backpack, with fully adjustable straps and a well-padded hip belt.

All in all an extremely versatile rope bag for climbing and rigging equipment.

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