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Chainsaw Pants for Tree Climbers

Posted by Tree Climber on 5/7/2016 to Tree Climbing Gear
Kuhl Pants
kuhl revolver pantsThese Kuhl Pants are a must have for every tree climber! We're sure you can relate to this, especially anyone who is currently running their own tree business. It seems as if the many of the days we spend climbing in the trees, they're also the days we get called out to do estimates when the job done. Thankfully, most of our clients understand our appearance when we show up at their door, but occasionally we did receive a weird look when they look down at our chainsaw pants... that was until we starting wearing these Kuhl Pants!
As professional arborists, we've always been fans of Kuhl clothing! Kuhl's quality is great because their clothes are built for life in the mountains which means rock climbing, hiking, and back packing. If the Kuhl quality can withstand rock, it can hold out in the trees for us arborists!
The Kuhl Pants are perfect for tree climbers and are proving to be our favorites! Throughout the daily loading of the wood boiler, splitting wood and doing full blown removals, these pants have held extremely well. They are comfortable and strong which isn't the case with many other pants.
kuhl ryder pantsThe great thing about these Kuhl pants is the fact that they can be used and abused all day long and still look pretty nice when you meet your clients for those estimates. Most of Kuhl's clothing is made from cotton but their wool clothing is really nice too! The darker Kuhl Rydr Pants tend to look antique in the areas that get more abuse which gives each pair of pants their own unique look that mirrors exactly how you use and wear them.
Many of our customers have also been really impressed with the Kuhl Interceptor Jacket and Kuhl Interceptor Hoody as well. The Kuhl Interceptor is a great jacket to layer with since it is warm and it's not bulky. It also has a super nice cut that looks great by itself. The super soft fabric make this a great jacket to wear on cooler mornings with a t-shirt underneath.
Kuhl Clothing is a great company that was born in the mountains and wants to keep their clothes in the outdoors!
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