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Christmas Gifts for the Tree Climber, Handyman, and Outdoorsman!

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 11/25/2014 to Tree Climbing Gear

With the cold weather coming fast and the holiday seasons just around the corner, at Bartlett Arborist Supply we think its time to start looking for presents! As an arborist, handy man, father, or just an all around hard worker we are sure you are more interested in providing everyone else around you with gifts and presents. Thats why we work so hard isn’t it? To provide for our families so we can all be comfortable and happy!

Well the time has come! We are going to compile a list of things that YOU can give to your significant other to give them an idea of what YOU want this holiday season! Are you tired of getting a tie, or socks, or something that you won’t ever use? Make it different this year!

So lets start this for the Handyman!

How about a pair of great work boots for around the house? The Salewa Mountain Trainers are designed to protect your feet on long extended hikes but they also work great as an all around boot for yard work and climbing. These boots fit true to size and feature Vibram soles and all leather uppers that surround a Gore-tex membrane to keep your feet dry in all conditions. At $229 these are great present for anyone that is on their feet all day!

Salewa Mountain Trainers

hand pruners

How about those small trees and bushes that need to be trimmed? Have you been asking your husband for the last couple weeks to trim up the Boxwood in the front yard? Maybe thats because his hand pruners weren’t sharp or were uncomfortable to use. Check out these great pruners from Fanno! These are great hand pruners for small pruning, the sharp blade easily cuts smaller diameter limbs without causing hand fatigue. An easy purchase at $22.10 for years of yard work!

Ironclad Gloves

You want to keep your hard working man’s hands warm while he’s out working all day right?Ironclad Gloves are made for working hard and cold weather. Up here in Michigan, we have some pretty harsh winters and these gloves keep our hands nice and toasty! $27.95 is a great price for warm hands all day!

What about gifts for the tree climbing man?

Omni Block Sling combo

Our Omni Block Sling combo will make any arborist’s day easier. When you work hard all day long it’s worth its weight in gold to reduce the amount of wear and tear on not only you but your gear as well. This Block and Sling Combo will help reduce the amount of friction on your rigging point therefore making it less dangerous while rigging. It’s ease of use helps speed jobs up by reducing wasted time while pulling ropes back into the tree!

XSRE carabiners

XSRE carabiners are awesome little clips that are capable of holding immense loads! These cute little biners come in a variety of colors and are will hold 1,000 lbs! Great for hanging hammocks, attaching gear, and friction saver retrieval. Any arborist will find these useful! For $10.95 you might as well grab a couple of these bad boys!

Klein Climber sets

The quintessential thing that comes to most people’s mind when thinking of tree climbers are spikes. You know, the little things that make the climbers feet stick to the tree! These are great tools to use on removals and one of our best selling products are the Klein Climber sets. A very reasonably price set of spikes for hard working people. They are built in the USA by other hard working people! $175 for a great set of spikes that are sure to make someone happy Christmas morning.

Last but not least is the Outdoorsman!

Kuhl Rydr pants

Kuhl Rydr pants

First on our list of great gift ideas for the outdoorsman are Kuhl Rydr pants. These pants were designed for scrambling on rocks in the mountains. A more baggy fit is much comfortable to guys with thicker thighs from climbing trees all day. The cotton fabric is comfortable yet strong and the gusseted crotch helps with movement while climbing. These pants are also great for yard work, hunting, and splitting wood with your bare hands!

Mingo Marker

The Mingo Marker is a really neat tool for marking firewood before cutting it. The Mingo Marker is rolled along a log and at whichever length you decide it will make a mark with spray paint. This is great for homes that are heated with a small fireplace. This takes all the guesswork out of cutting firewood to the right lengths. The faster the firewood is split the sooner your burly outdoorsman can come inside! For $29.95 you can’t pass this up!


A quick little stocking stuffer for the outdoorsman is a new set of wedges! Wedges will help direct the fall of all the trees he’ll be cutting down to keep the house warm, to build you a new potting shed, and more than likely carve himself a canoe to catch fish with once the ice melts! These great plastic wedges are lightweight and strong. $14.05 for one but a couple is ideal!

We really hope you enjoyed our list of great gift ideas for the handyman, the tree climber, and the outdoorsman! Be sure to check out the rest of our website as well for great gift ideas and everything you need for tree work!

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