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Climb with Shermans If You Want to Live!

Climb with Shermans If You Want to Live!

“Come with me if you want to climb!”

The Solidur Sherman trouser Model T-800 has been sent back from the future to eliminate the need to climb in jeans. They are considered to be the new wave of comfortable and breathable climb trouser.

But unbeknownst to the T-800, there is another contender trying to prevail. The Sherman Climb CHAINSAW Trouser! Dun, dun, dun!

I’ll be reviewing both the Solidur Climb Chainsaw Trousers and the Sherman Climbing Pants. Both of these trousers are relatively new to the industry, but they do not disappoint whatsoever!


What's Wrong With Climbing in Jeans?

Nothing. Jeans cover your arse and give you a small level of protection from the crown. However, jeans are NOT adequate for chainsaw protection. Not at all, don't do it. 

Having previously climbed in blue jeans for a long time, I can tell you this though: they can be very restricting on your movement! On top of that, I have blown out the seams on a few pairs as I was climbing. Always good to bring back-up clothes.


The Solidur Sherman

First and foremost, Solidur Sherman pants are for climbing, and do NOT have any chainsaw protection. These trousers are designed for the working arborist at height, but that does not mean they are only for climbers; ground personnel can choose to wear these as well.

Having worn these myself, I can attest that they are super light and breathable, thanks to the zippered vents on the back of the legs. This means they are perfect for spring, summer and fall. If the breeze is too chilly, then you have the ability to close up the vents. I won’t wear these in the winter months though, due to the fact that I like being warm.

A unique feature to these is the two cargo pockets on the thigh. If you happened to be climbing with these and needed access to your phone or gloves, these pockets can unzip from the top OR the side. This was done for easy access without having to shift the leg pad of the climbing harness to the side! Obviously from looking at them, the knees are reinforced with Armortex kevlar the rest of the pant is a mix of primarily nylon and cordura.

Here’s a little something you may not know about these trousers; the daisy chain loops right above the knee isn’t just there for looks. Its initial intent was for them to be paired with a knee ascender fastened to the daisy loop and not having to move it after the climber is done with it. I’ve had a set for over a little under a year and they are holding up strong!

If you are looking to pick up Sherman pants, here is some advice on sizing. Size up! The pant is of a slimmer design and even though they may fit well on the waist by choosing your normal size; the legs will be TIGHT!


The Solidur Climb Chainsaw Trouser

If climbing trouser are out of the question because you’re in need of chainsaw protection, don’t fret because the Solidur Climb Chainsaw trouser may be right for you! This trouser is comparable to Arbortec’s Breatheflex Pro, minus the price tag.

Solidur Climb pants are classified to Class 1, which means they have been tested to a chain speed of 20 meters per second and they also are Type-A. Having Type-A means the trouser gives the user frontal protection, just like a chap. Back to it, these are my favorite when it comes to Solidur’s line-up!

These pants also come in a slimmer-fit-style and are not too bulky. I didn’t find myself sizing up on these as I still felt “loose” in them. Something I enjoyed the most on this pair happens to be the perforated holes along the back of the knee, pretty weird huh! This feature is different than most other chainsaw trousers on the market as it’s not an actual mesh vent, and even though it allows for breathability.  

For those that want to know if there’s a removable gaiter at the bottom of the pant, yes there is. Along the bottom of the trouser you will find a reflective band and you know what; I really like that, but that could be because of my loud personality.

Although there are a lot of positives to the Climb trouser, I honestly dislike the pocket design. Before I give you my reasoning as to why the pockets bother me so, let me throw this at you; all the pockets on the pant are designed to be “accessible” while climbing. But the two top pockets… I dislike the most. They are so high up that when I do put my wallet and keys in them, they jab at me. Yes, I climb with my personal belongings. I know many don’t, but I feel like it throws my game off if I don’t have them. The two thigh pockets I’m… okay with but still, I think they can improve this feature. The pant does come with a “built-in” belt feature that some like, but I prefer to have my own belt go through. Those are my only two gripes I have with the trouser, other than that they are a phenomenal pant.


So which Solidur pants will you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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