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Climbing Videos from Bartlett

Climbing Videos from Bartlett

We love our industry, and we love our professionals. We at Bartlett believe in helping everyone share in the knowledge so we can be the best tree climbers, arborists, or ground workers we can be.'

Pick up industry knowledge, tips and tricks on making your days safer and more productive.'
Check out our YouTube channel!'

'Below is a library of handy video guides for tree climbing resources. If you have some cool tricks or want to know how to do something easier, please post it in the comments section below and we will make some videos about the best ones!'

The difference between spliced eyes, sewn eyes and the Slaice'

'How to easily open a carabiner with one hand'

Keep your Hitch Climber setup safe'

Installing a Petzl Zig Zag on a new rope'

How to keep your Rope Wrench setup neat'

How to lock a non-locking foot ascender'

Making your tree climbing lanyard less bulky'

Using a slipknot to attach a chainsaw to the climber's rope'

How to get your climbing lanyard around big trees'

How to attach a tree climbing throw line to a throw bag'

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