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Come Grow with Us at the TCIA Expo

See Old Friends and Make New Ones

How many of you went to the TCIA Expo in Columbus Ohio in November? We have been going to the Expo for the past six years and it is always a blast to see our old friends and to meet new ones! Over the years we have met climbers and business owners from around the world that have flocked to the TCIA Expo for knowledge and networking. We love our tree family and want to continue to see it grow.

Try It Before You Buy It

If you haven't been to the Expo before, you are in for an awesome time of networking and trying out tree climbing gear just like everything you see in our catalog ' except in person! So that means you can actually feel what that new harness is going to feel like or maybe get to actually test that new rope or sling before buying it from just a picture and description online.

Better yet, we have our awesome pro climbers at our booth who are eager to show you some of the newest techniques or answer any questions you might have about gear, climbing, or rigging! Our guys have years of field experience trying out and working everyday with the gear that we sell. Put simply, they KNOW tree gear!

One of our favorite things to do at the Expo is to show climbers how to use some awesome tree climbing gear on our truss system. Since we don't have any big trees at our booth, we bought a truss system to bring with us so that we can show off some cool techniques that will make your day easier, safer, and likely even make you more money! If you have questions, Team Bartlett is always the place to get your answers!

Last year at the Expo we had a video playing of our Save the Trees trip from earlier that year. We also gave away a Giant Sequoia sapling from that trip to one lucky attendee. Two years ago, we had a throwline horseshoe game setup so you could win a free DMM Sentinel carabiner! Yeah, a free carabiner just for coming and hanging out! You can't beat that!

On top of cool climbing gear, you can also take a look at some huge equipment that is guaranteed to make your company some more money! Everything from mini skid steers to whole tree chippers to cranes are available on display, with reps there to demonstrate and talk to you about their great equipment! There is no better place to see multiple bucket trucks, knuckle boom cranes, stick cranes, or chippers in one place and under one roof!

Hope to See You There!

So I guess what we're trying to get across is' you need to come hang out at the TCIA Expo the next chance you get! We want to see all of you there hanging out at our booth talking about some cool tree stories or sharing information about your favorite gear. We want to see some cool techniques that you love to use and hear why! We want to continue to grow our tree family at the greatest tree show in the world! We'll see you there!

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