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Why a Facebook Page is Critical for Your Business

Back in the day a business card got you on the map. A business phone number made you a professional. An email meant you were up with the times. And a good website made you the CEO of marketing.

Then social media entered the picture and changed the game, the first big player for businesses being Facebook. All of a sudden a free Facebook page you could create in less than an hour and reach thousands, tens of thousands, was your business card, white pages, email, and website.

Here's what you're missing out on if you still haven't made a Facebook business profile page for your tree service company.

First off, all of the things listed above cost money. Cards, business line, website. Facebook is FREE, to everyone, everywhere, and you need zero dollars and zero experience in marketing or coding to get set up. If you're looking for an online presence THIS is where you need to start.

A great thing about Facebook is that just like websites and Google business pages, Facebook pages also show up in Google searches. You will set your page up with your local city and info, Google will see and use that info when someone searches for a tree service in their / your area, you will (hopefully) make an appearance. We say hopefully because Google can be a brutal game and there are companies investing thousands of dollars and hours to get their website to show up as the top result. But again, organic search marketing is free to do, so it's a win / win when you even show up half way down the page.

Your page likes will start with friends and family and some customers. As you continue to share tips, interesting jobs, and eye catching images, your following will grow past just those you know and into your local community. This is a great way to spread the name of your company to those not even looking for tree work yet. Why is this helpful? Because everyone with a tree is a potential client, at any time. Just because they aren't currently looking to hire you does not mean they won't be some time soon, and when they are ready, they will already have you in mind to call instead of asking around, doing a google search, or relying on old names they've heard with no idea of their work practices or professionalism. Make yourself a household name before they even hire you.

Facebook also offers a lot of great features many people overlook. Your feed is obviously a place to continuously update those following you on what you're up to, any specials you're offering, or seasonal info they would want to know about their trees. Facebook is also a great option to replace or add onto the perks of email, to keep all your inquiries in a single place, and have a 1-on-1 conversations with customers. Encourage people to reach out to you through the messenger tool to discuss a quote or setting up a meeting. Facebook stories is an easy way to share content that's not important enough to stay on your feed but is still relatable, fun, and interesting enough to share. Lastly, Facebook has a new calendar feature you could easily utilize to schedule quoting jobs--just be careful that it aligns with your tree work and personal schedule, as clients schedule themselves in without needing your approval based on the availability you set up. In the bio you can specify services you offer, tell your story, add in all contact info, and post longer notes in case you wish to share expanded ideas, much like this blog.

Facebook does give you the option to pay for ads. The perk of paying is that you can reach people way outside of your followers, and you can pinpoint who you want to target. Specify by location, friends of those already following your page, their interests, age group, and more. Facebook makes it easy to reach thousands, where word of mouth can travel slowly, and in-person events take up time. $50 could easily get you new followers, inquiries, and even if you only land 1 job- in tree work we all know the job will be well over $50--so you're still profiting.

As you continue to use the platform we're sure you will come across other awesome, free options, like the free ads with buttons directing your followers to your website if you have one, polls, live videos, the options to direct people to your inbox, invitations to events, private groups for your VIP clients, and more!!

We hope you use this info to expand your Facebook page, client base, and grow your business! Facebook has worked for us!
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