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Five Ways to Give Back this Season

Five Ways to Give Back this Season

We release a lot of information on this blog about how you can self improve, what gear will make your job easier, and different techniques for your company to grow and make money. With the holidays around, we'd like to use this season to talk about ways that you can give back to your local community, without resorting to the typical donations to charity, which can be hard to track their impact. When we support our local communities, we can be sure where our time, money, and love is going, and directly see the differences we are making. Here's some ways you can give back:

You choose the topic you want to cover, we'll explain why this is a powerful and free way of giving back. They always say knowledge is power, and really- it's so true! When we learn new facts or skills that we can take with us we now have a newfound ability to evolve, create, better ourselves, and be more aware. Whether you hold a free class on 'Beginners guide to safely pruning small fruit trees in your yard from the ground' or 'A homeowners guide to safely and efficiently using a chainsaw while cutting firewood' you're giving your local community the ability to SAFELY and FREELY take care of small projects in their own yard. You may be confident enough to take it one step further by talking to a group of young adults on the possibilities and opportunities that working with trees could bring them. This would hugely impact the kids who can't afford or feel out of place at college, letting them know there are fun and lucrative career paths out there that no one is talking about in their schools. See what impact you can make just with your voice.

This idea could easily tie into the event above, or be a stand alone offer. Again- you choose the item you want to gift and the audience you are trying to target, and get creative. A pair of chaps, a pruner, a book on trees, safety glasses, or a hammock. These are ALL things homeowners could benefit from and enjoy! If you're hoping to impact your tree community offer up the latest climbing gear, a new rope, a better harness to an up and coming climber you have been watching hustle online, or, brace yourself, even to your local, start up competition- because we all remember what it was like starting with the bottom of the line gear that just got the job done.

Every neighborhood has that old vet, widowed elderly woman, struggling young couple, or exhausted single mom with a dead tree in their yard that they are just waiting for gravity to take because they are spending their money on groceries and the heating bill instead. Set aside 1 day and offer the service for free. Can't spare a full day? Imagine what a two-man crew could prune, remove, or just clean up even in four hours. Work with what you have to help those who have even less.

If you love the above idea but just can not financially swing paying your crew and running your equipment with no payment to cover the costs for the day, volunteer your time. Perhaps it's just a tree they need down that you know you can drop from the ground, or a big log they want flush cut. Maybe it's hanging a bat house up in a tree or raking for Fall cleanup. Whatever the job, one day of hard work and extremely minimal expense for you could mean a week, month, or year difference to someone else!

The things that tree services bring in and often look at as never ending trash could be dollar signs to someone else! Does someone need wood chips for their huge garden? Dump them a free load instead of just adding more to your ever growing pile. Someone can't afford their propane bill but they have a wood stove? Dump them a free load of wood that would otherwise just take up MORE room in your ever shrinking yard. Local crafters make a living off of handmade wood furniture? Have them stop by your yard and load them up some logs!

We hope this got your brain turning and your heart growing this holiday season! Get creative, work with what you have, and see the difference you can make just by being yoursel
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