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6 Free Bartlett Resources You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

6 Free Bartlett Resources You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Over the years we have created various different ways across various different platforms to help spread knowledge and educate our tree community on new gear, climbing techniques, business advice, tree info, good causes to support, and really anything tree related in between. We thought it would be a good idea to list them all in 1 place in case you weren't aware of how and where we've grown over the years! Everything on this list is 100% free and we hope you take advantage of every single one! Be sure to click every follow, subscribe, and join button you can to be in the loop!

Bartlett Facebook Page

The real OG star is our Facebook page! This has been a place that we have constantly connected with you on a personal level for YEARS. What are the perks of being our Facebook friend?
Every single day we share educational and entertaining posts related to not just tree gear but tree work and trees in general.
This is also a place where we get to hear from YOU. We want to see the jobs you're slaying, the trees you're dropping, the projects you're making, and the systems you are climbing on. We often feature your photos and stories on our feed because we truly believe we are a community, growing together! Every year we also look forward to when we release a new catalog and ask you to share your best images for possible features in the comments- what a bad ass thread!
This is a great place to stay updated on current sales, new gear, and easily follow our links to the latest blogs and videos we release.

Bartlett's Mailing List
Our Mailing List is a direct link from us to you, making sure you never miss out on discounts, events, and new educational content ever again. Simply visit our Homepage on our website and scroll to the very bottom where you'll be asked to drop in your email. Done. You're in.
Once you're in we promise we won't bombard you with spam to buy from us. We only send out emails when there's a killer discount you won't want to miss, new content you can learn tips and tricks from, and the latest gear you will want to hear about before it's old news.
There's nothing worse than placing an order and paying full price 2 days after our latest sale because you missed our post on Facebook. Stay in the loop. Save money. Learn while you do it.

Text Club

Ok, so you're thinking- email is such old news. Well. We have made sure to cover all our bases and make it even easier for you by creating our Text Club.
Simply text:
And you'll be notified of our current sales every time a new one drops right on your phone. If your main interest is the bottom dollar, sign up!

Bartlett's YouTube Channel
Over the last year we've EXPLODED our YouTube channel with countless new videos reviewing new gear, explaining various climbing systems, quick tips and tricks to make your job easier, rigging advice, and the list just keeps growing! Be sure to Subscribe so you never stop. learning! Hit the bell to be notified every time we post new content, which is on a minimum weekly!
If you're not into reading, and don't have time to cross reference different techniques you've read about on random google searches, this is the place for you. Every video is created for you by a professional in the industry doing tree work every single day. With visuals and demonstrations to better help you understand- it's like attending a free short workshop every single week!

Our Blog

With entries dating back to 2014 we've built up a library of free education on every single tree subject imaginable, just waiting for you to dive in. And when we say every single subject, we mean it. Seriously- you write blog posts bimonthly for 6 years and tell us a subject you missed! And we're not stopping any time soon.
Gear, climbing, safety, overlooked simple tricks, job site tips, reviews, interviews, good causes, business advice, marketing strategies, fun stories, events! Do we need to keep going!?

Bartlett Annual Open House

Although this is only once a year we saved the best for last (if you're local or willing to make the drive.) At our warehouse every year in late Winter / early Spring we host a FREE 2 day event jam packed with demos, classes, community, and special discounts. Where else can you go and try out new gear, have a 1 on 1 convo with top professionals in your field from all over the country, while also having live rigging and climbing demos in a tree, connect with people in the tree world and your local area, and not spend a dime- unless of course you take advantage of the shop and discounts we offer!

We love to do ALL of this because we love to give back. We are a small business, just like you, who started with nothing more than a chainsaw and a pickup truck. We understand what it's like to try to build a business, learn new skills safely, and not break the bank while you acquire new gear and new equipment. We're excited to be in a position where we can give back, thanks to you and the support you have given us throughout the years! So we hope you check out every link above and it helps you grow and build your life further within the tree community and your career!
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