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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Tree Service Crew

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Tree Service Crew

'Tis the season of giving. 'Tis the season where a round man in a red shirt travels around, hanging out under evergreen trees for most of the night. No, we're not talking about a Lumberjack. We're talking about Santa Claus. 'Tis the season of Christmas where, if you're a boss or owner, play Santa and gift bonuses and presents so we thought we would put together an awesome list of gift ideas your crew will love and benefit from!

For the new guys: All things PPE, but upgraded.

At first it might be hard to outfit your whole crew, or every new person that you try out on the ground, with the best of the best. It's also impractical. Everyone is a different size, shape, has different comfort levels and tastes, etc. But Christmas falls beautifully at the very end of the year, after some of these newbies have had a tough, wet, slippery Spring, a hot, sweaty Summer, and a brutal, icy, Winter. They proved they can hang, they're probably gonna stick around, and they have earned this investment in them! Let's reward them with some upgraded versions of the must haves we first threw at them when they first started.

Out with Chaps, in with the Chainsaw Pants )

The Solidur Authentic Chainsaw pants are $100. That's almost unheard of for Chainsaw Protective pants! We all know how clumsy, awkward, inconvenient chaps are, but they are must! Upgrade to Chainsaw Pants. Not only are they more convenient, not having to stop to put them on and take them off between cutting, they are comfortable, far less bulky, and look like a typical work pant. Not to mention they don't have straps dangling everywhere and are not a once size fits all!

Up their Helmet game with muffs and a visor

Everyone has to have ear and eye protection, but that could come as earplugs and rated glasses. Earplugs can be uncomfortable, lost easily, and sometimes not offer as good of protection due to how they fit. Same with glasses- you take them off during your break, they are too small. Make your system simplistic. Helmet. Muffs. Visor. Now you only have to grab 1 think and all your PPE for your head is taken care of! You're less likely to take your helmet off during the day, or lose such a large object, so make it easy on everyone and put it all together for ease and protection that's fool proof.

Protect the Money Makers

If you live where winters are long and brutal like we do, you know what it's like to work outside with cold hands. It's miserable. It will ruin your whole day, and it's dangerous. Think about the conditions and help them dress appropriately. Look for features like water and wind proof, like these Ironclad gloves. They're both comfortable and durable.

Bring Comfort to what's used the most- the feet!

Waterproof, sturdy, sticky rubber, breathable GORETEX membrane. It's everything you would want for your feet and more. And let's be honest- they're nice looking and can be worn out, hiking, or at work.

What to gift the more advanced members of your crew:

You know the people- who have that same passion for tree work as you do, you can see they have a career in the industry, they're striving for more and to progress. What to get them? We suggest looking at their unique position, needs, skill level, current gear set up, and see what you can customize to make their day easier, faster, always safer, and perhaps a little more fun! This will vary person to person. But. If you're totally lost we've put together a generic list of ideas we thought might be equally awesome!

REALLY step up that PPE game!

You want to talk about the ultimate protection and comfort, look no further.
Cool Max lining, removable gaiters with hooks, reinforced knees and super comfy. Take chainsaw protection up a notch.

Invest in Education

We've said it before and we'll say it again- education is something you can never take away from your crew members, thy can take it with them wherever they go! It also benefits your business, so this is totally a win win.
Any video or book where they can learn any new skill is worthwhile, as long as they have the personal drive to do it on their own time. Signing them up for a course and taking them to an expo or event is even better! It's a chance for them to be around like-minded people in their industry at various different levels!! It reminds them they are part of a community and there's SO much to learn, see, and experience. These types of 'gifts' are great for team building, career inspiration, goal setting, and more!

We've highlighted the Tree Climber's Companion book because it's honestly a classic. So many Arborists got their start here, within these 52 pages of comprehensive, illustrated pages to teach you the basics of getting off the ground. It contains straightforward instructions and tips on current climbing techniques, rope care and handling, various knots, sling use and much more.

Let them Choose their own gift!

Drop any dollar amount you want and let your staff pick what they really need or want to splurge on- warmer under layers, the latest SRT device, a new saddle, high end handsaw, or maybe something fun like a hammock!

Other Ideas?

We would love to hear in the comments what you have gifted before that your crew loved, or what your plans are for this year!! Enjoy the holidays everyone!
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