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Introducing the Petzl Naja Friction Saver

Introducing the Petzl Naja Friction Saver

Back in November 2022 at the TCI EXPO, Petzl unveiled a new product called the Naja! I had only seen the device on social media before. The product teaser video was only a couple of seconds long, but I instantly knew I needed it in my toolbelt. 

The Naja Friction Saver is supposed to become available late Q1 2023, but allow me to give you a few details about it. I have had the pleasure of playing around with the Naja and here are my first impressions!


So what the hell is The Naja?!


Let’s break it down. The Naja is Petzl’s new anchoring device/friction saver. It was specifically designed for use in the tree care industry and is pulley-based, so you know it’s a smooth criminal!

Just like Petzl Eject, the Naja also employs a webbing strap to use as the anchoring sling. This is done intentionally to prevent the hang-ups that a traditional ring-to-ring can cause. The differences begin here on the anchoring style.

Where the Eject can be used as a cinch down anchor, the Naja doesn’t cinch. That shouldn’t take this anchor out of the running though. What the Naja does differently lies within the webbing anchor. The webbing has four different adjustment positions, or "slots." 

Let me paint a picture. These slots are like those pockets of an ultra sling, and all you do from here is insert the Naja. Once the body of the Naja is captured by the webbing, the weight of the climber locks the device into place. Having these pockets is nice, as it removes the need to have a prusik to slide back and forth.

Finding a suitable tie-in in trees that have been previously topped can be troublesome at times, but it can be done with a Petzl Naja. Spread the webbing between two suitable anchor points and insert the Naja between the “slots” to help distribute some of the force. Choosing which two is based on a variety of factors. Think about it as an M-Rig. It is imperative not to exceed a 90-degree angle, as the Naja's webbing anchor can be damaged from the climbing line being forced into it.


What climbing style is The Naja suitable for?

The Petzl Naja is suitable for both MRS and SRS climbing applications. This device cannot be installed from the ground. The Naja must be installed manually while in the canopy, but I don't mind this. This forces me to inspect what I’m anchoring to. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve climbed off something sketchy that I probably shouldn't have trusted. Talk about butt-puckering!


How to Install a Petzl Naja

Step one: Anchor sling goes around the union.

Step two: Naja inserts through the desired AND appropriate attachment slot (not exceeding 90-degrees).

Step three: Climbing rope goes through the Naja.

Step four: The MINO carabiner clips to the running end of your rope (the leg of rope opposite of the splice or working end).

Step five(optional): If you wish to use a retrieval leg, the webbing strap that runs to the MINO carabiner has a slot for a soft retrieval connection point.

Step six: Start climbing and have fun!


Using the Naja as a SRS anchor

Want to use the Naja as an SRS anchor? It's possible. Follow the same set-up as above for the first three steps. 

After step three, tie an appropriate stopper knot and capture the loop and that leg of rope with a carabiner. Don’t forget to clip the MINO to the running end of the rope.

What you’ve done here locks the backside and allows you to climb SRS on running end of the rope.



Shop the Naja and other Petzl products today!

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