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New Climbing Lines to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

Two Great New Climbing Line Options

There are two really cool new climbing lines that have been released in the past month from Teufelberger that we would love to tell you about! These climbing lines would make a great Christmas present for any tree climber in your family! These new lines are called Xstatic and drenaLINE, and each works great for different types of climbing. Teufelberger is probably best known for Tachyon; its powerhouse DdRT or MRS rope. These two new lines help fill in the areas that Tachyon was lacking and should be immediately added to your holiday wish list.

First and foremost, both of these ropes are designed with great ascending properties. Their elongation is lower than Tachyon, ensuring that every bit of energy from your legs goes into your upward movement instead of going into the stretch of the rope. This is really noticeable during long ascents or when used with a base anchor. Xstatic is going to be quite a bit more static than drenaLINE, but both are still highly enjoyable to ascend SRT on. '

Xstatic Compliments the Rope Runner

Xstatic was designed for SRT climbing and it really shines in this respect. The rope has 1.4%, elongation making it a very static line. This makes it ideal for climbing with a Rope Wrench or a Rope Runner. The biggest problem for ropes and the Rope Runner is flattening. When the rope flattens out it makes it difficult for the Rope Runner to grab and leads to the device slipping. Xstatic holds its roundness quite well compared to other ropes on the market now a days! This is huge for Rope Runner users!

drenaLINE Provides Versatility

Designed as a multipurpose rope, drenaLINE can be used for single line ascent and then switched over to DdRT or MRS once you've reached the top of the tree. Single Up Double Down is a great technique for quickly getting into large trees and then climbing on a tried and true system. This rope was designed exactly for this type of climbing! The smooth jacket loves ascenders and flows so smooth with a hitch cord like 9.3mm Epi cord tied in a Distel Hitch. Add in a Pulley Saver and you have one of the smoothest combos you'll ever use in the tree!

A Safer Job Site

The color schemes on both of the ropes really help them stand out ' both in the tree and on the ground. This makes your job site safer for the climber and for the ground guys. The job site is safer because the climber's rope won't get put through the chipper and the ground guys won't get beat up for getting the climber's rope anywhere near the chipper! Jokes aside, these ropes were designed to perform well, look great, and keep the climber safe!

New 'Go To' Ropes

Xstatic has become my go to rope for any type of long ascent or any big trees that are spread out requiring a ton of redirects. The low stretch makes ascents easy and the smooth jacket pulls out of all the redirects like butter. The fact that it doesn't flatten out is also a huge plus for trees like that.'

Personally, drenaLine is now my go to rope for all-around climbing. I can easily ascend into all trees and the low stretch helps me save energy for the rest of the climb. Being able to easily switch over to a doubled rope system is a huge plus as well. This rope works great as an everyday work horse rope for crane removals and the like. I really enjoy the versatility that it brings to the table!

I highly recommend giving these climbing lines a try and seeing what you like about either of them! Both bring different things to the table that might be exactly what you are looking for in your next rope. If you want to give one a try, visit our showroom in Marlette, Michigan and try them out on our demo tree. We look forward to hanging out with you!

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