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Streamline Your Climbing System with Spliced Eyes

Posted by Professional Tree Climber on 7/27/2015 to Tree Climbing Gear
How many climbers out there are using spliced eyes in their ropes? Spliced eyes help streamline your climbing system by reducing a large bulky knot. Splicing rope is a complex and tedious job that is best left to professionals.
There is evidence of rope making technology from Europe dating back 28,000 years so people have been knotting rope for nearly as long. Splicing ropes could very easily be nearly as old. Regardless, sooner or later humans found that splicing was a better option than knotting a rope.
Knotting a rope can reduce the strength of the rope by 20-40% while a spliced rope retains most if not all of the ropes strength. So not only will your climbing be more streamlined, it will also be stronger.
Spliced eyes can be different sizes from tight eyes for carabiners to 6 inch eyes to girth hitch a carabiner onto the end of a rope. Most double braid ropes will have a tight eye splice to keep a carabiner held in the correct orientation. 16 strand rope is more likely to have a 6 inch eye splice to attach to a snap.
Spliced eyes work extremely well for retying in while in the tree. The climber can quickly and easily unclip their carabiner, pass the eye through a crotch or friction saver, and just as quickly re-clip the eye to the carabiner. This is also reassuring as a spliced eye is always that, a spliced eye, while some climbers may tie a knot incorrectly which could end in an injury or death.
Spliced eyes are a great alternative to a knotted rope. Although they are slightly more expensive, the convenience will quickly pay for itself!
Check out some of our spliced ropes here:
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