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Technology for Trees--Tracking, Treating, and Tabulating!

Isn't it great the amount of technological advancements we have seen in the tree care industry? Different ways of machining gear and hardware have helped reduce weight while also allowing for more rope friendly edges and more precise tolerances. Design work has allowed plastic and composite helmets to withstand significant loads and impacts while again reducing the overall weight of the gear. This is all awesome for us! But what other types of technological advancements have you seen that you are blown away with? Here is a list of some techy websites and apps that we think are really making it easy to learn, become more efficient, as well as track what you are doing with trees!

Wood Web Log Weight Calculator

The Wood Web Log Weight Calculator helps you determine the rough weight of logs while on the job site. This calculator allows you to enter the species of wood, length of the log, as well as the diameter at one end versus the diameter at the opposite end. This is great for determining log weights when organizing a rigging plan or when creating the plan when setting up for a large crane removal. This also helps to keep your trailer or truck within the loads allowed on roadways. All in all, it's a really cool app that helps you gain some knowledge on how much wood weighs! It's also mega easy to use! is an amazing resource for anyone that is looking to get more info on decay fungi. Though this may be more of a nerdy thing to a lot of the big bad climbers out there, it is also something that can help us determine if trees are safe to climb seeing as some fungi and rot affect trees and wood completely differently than others. This website has a great key and identifying feature that helps you break down exactly what you are looking for when it comes to fungi. This website also makes it extremely easy to help you inform your clients of what exactly is going on with their tree and what the best treatment option is as well. Go take a look at the website yourself and get immersed in the world of fungi!

LimbSnap is a really cool app that allows you to upload your company logo and info to the database and then take a quick picture of a tree that may need some attention. Once the picture is taken, you can put in a quick description of what your recommendations are as well as the address of the tree. LimbSnap will then send a paper postcard to that address with the photo as well as your company info and recommendations. This is a really cool way to pinpoint your marketing and advertising for the exact work you are looking to do! This app could very easily sell you enough work to keep going through the slow season or help an up and coming company get their feet on the ground!

Chip Drop

Chip Drop is made by the same people that make LimbSnap and it is a highly valuable app for finding places to dump chips or wood. All you need to do is sign up with your company info and location and then go to work. When you are ready to dump, just put in your location and a database of people that want chips will show up on the map. Some will want only chips, some will want wood and chips while others will only want wood. This is an invaluable app when you are out of town and need a place to dump instead of paying costly dump yard fees! Check it out and see if it works for you!

Arborplus (being rereleased as Treezi in 2019)

Arborplus is a great app for managing large properties as well as a great reminder of fertilization, PHC and pruning schedules when things get hectic! This app allows you to pinpoint trees, take a picture of them and upload all the necessary details about the tree to the client's database. The app will then itemize the entire inventory and lay it out as a quote for the client. This has been an amazing app for keeping track of large properties with multiple species of trees. The app can also be used for scheduling what your crews need to be doing and when. The new revised app isn't released yet, but hopefully it still packs the same power that Arborplus brought to the table!

Hopefully some of these websites and apps can help make your life and work easier and more efficient! We have all been on jobs and wondered how much a log weighed, where a great place is to dump and surely we've all wondered what those mushrooms are on the tree! Try out some of these apps and let us know what you think!
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