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The Best Apparel to Keep You Warm and Comfortable this Winter

Are You Winter-Ready?

With fall already here and full-blown winter lurking just around the corner, it’s probably a good time to discuss some warmer tree climbing apparel for the chilly weather ahead. Whether you are out there smashing logs into blocks, getting every last piece of dead wood out of that giant Oak, running around to get your fall fertilization done, or meeting up with customers for estimates, we all want to be warm and comfortable when Old Man Winter comes around! So let’s take a look at some of the best clothing for tree climbing we have to keep you warm and comfortable this winter season!


For all the removal guys out there, you are going to want climbing apparel that keeps you warm when the wind is whipping, but also breathes to keep you dry. Personally, I have found that the Spyfire Down Jacket from Kuhl checks both of those boxes. The Spyfire Down Jacket has natural Goose down for warmth, as well as superior design that incorporates various sized baffles on different areas of your torso and arms. These baffles capture more heat in some areas and release it in others. I usually wear one undershirt comprised of synthetic material along with the jacket. Over the jacket I wear an Interceptr Vest. My arms are always moving while climbing, cutting, and tying knots, so they don’t usually get cold, so the added Interceptr Vest helps me maintain my core heat while not encumbering my arm movement. This combo has gotten me through the past few Michigan winters – it’s tried and tested!


I was leery of the material of the Spyfire Down Jacket at first because it is thin and not the normal canvas feel of other major brands of rugged workwear. It also fits snug to my body instead of being baggy. I personally have never liked wearing baggy clothing in the winter while climbing. This combo really works well for movement, warmth, and durability.


Legs and Layers

For the pruning arborist that is getting ready for the winter overload of Oak trees, I would highly recommend the Kuhl Hot Rydr pants. These pants are fleece lined to keep you nice and cozy while limb walking to pull all that dead wood. The Hot Rydr pants do get a weathered look and feel over time, but this just personalizes them to the way you work and move. These pants have a slightly baggier feel to them, making movement in the winter a bit easier instead of having binding that comes from tighter fitting climbing pants. The key upside to this piece of tree climbing apparel, however, is the insulated base layer!


For the top half of the body, I would recommend the Thor 1/4 Zip as your main layer. The Thor 1/4 Zip is made up of wool that is bonded to fleece. The result is extremely comfortable wool that doesn’t scratch and irritate like those old wool blankets you might be thinking about! This shirt has proven highly useful on many occasions when the temperature dropped and I needed another layer to lock in my body heat. Over this garment I typically wear something that has a slick feel to it, like the previously discussed Spyfire Jacket. This slick feel helps keep snow and fall rains from getting to my core. Looking into the Spyfire Vest is also a great option, as it keeps your arms nimble and your core warm as well.


Show Off Your Brand

For those days when you have to be the boss and get out in the cold to walk jobs and talk to customers, there is nothing better than the Burr Lined Jacket! This is a cotton jacket with quilted nylon liner that keeps you toasty warm. The collar and zipper area are lined with Polyester Berber Fleece to keep the cold winds out and the warm air in. This jacket also takes well to embroidery if you are planning to add branding to your garment so you can look your best in front of your clients! To complete the wardrobe, the Kuhl Hot Rydr Pants should be mentioned again because of the warmth they provide, as well as the comfort you are sure to feel. These pants are guaranteed to make those really cold days much more bearable!



Hopefully, you are busy this coming fall and winter! If you are, or if you are going to be out in the cold, be sure to look into some of these great tree climbing apparel options from Kuhl that are sure to make you warmer and more comfortable when the snow starts to fly! Let us know what you wear in the winter to stay warm in the comments below!

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